Learn About Domain Names and Web Hosting Registration


Web hosting and Domain Registration Guide

For you newbies in Web Designing Field, here is  the basic information you need about Domain Names and Web Hosting as it is the basic and important things if you want to start a website or a blog.

What are Domain Names and How to Choose Domain Names

Lets start with Domain Names.

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is a string or a collection of alphabet or numbers which points or maps towards an IP address or website.

For Example : In KretyaNews.com ,  the domain name is KretyaNews and .com is a suffix.

Coming to the suffixes , they are many types of suffixes. Let us see some of the top level domain TLD suffixes below

  • .Gov- Used for Government organizations
  • .Edu – Used for Educational Institutions
  • .org – Organizations ( Mostly Non-profit)
  • .com- Used for Commercial Business
  • .net- Used for Networking Business
  • other than this there are other suffixes like .us .uk, .in , and many more.

Seo Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

  • Keep in Mind that your domain name must be within 15 characters in length
  • Choose a catchy and which can remembered easily.  If its for business website , obviously you need a domain name of your business name.
  • Always choose a top level domain name ( eg: .com )
  • If you are purchasing a domain for blogging purpose, make sure your main keyword should be in the domain name. For example : If your website is about movie reviews, try to purchase moviereviews.com or telugumoviereviews.com

Domain Registration and web hosting registrationDomain Registration and web hosting registration
Upto now you have learned What is a domain name , and choosing a right domain name to your niche blog. What next ? here comes the next topic , where to host your script or website or data ?

What is Web Hosting ? Types of Web Hosting .

When you design or code  a website and you wish to others see or use your website, you need to upload files to a web space with a web hosting service.

Web Hosting Service providers  or Web Hosting Servers are nothing but they provide a web space and bandwidth for your website  to store your data or files or script which are run of powerful computers (web server) connected to a fast network.. When someone enters your web address in a browser (as www.kretyanews.com), the Internet connects to the Web server where your website files are stored, and then transfers the information from your Web site on your computer. From here you can browse and view the pages of your site.

Types of Web Hosting Services

  • Free Web hosting Services – Free Web hosting comes with limited storage space and bandwidth and mostly with ads.
  • Shared Web hosting Services – Used for the low budget websites , where  you want to cut down your budget. In Shared web hosting services a services provider shares a slot of web space in to number of clients. Its like buying a office space and sharing it for 2-3 businesses.
  • Dedicated web hosting services – Here you get a individual web hosting service where you get your own individual space. These service provides higher speed and performance for your website.
  • Reseller Web Hosting Services- This service is used resell the space you bought to others. This is used basically to do business of web hosting. For example it is just like leasing a flat and earning with the same by getting paying guest.  It comes with a package like 3 domain hosting , 50 domain hosting . where you will get a space  that you can share it with 3 or 50 other domain names.


These web hosting services has two options.

  • Web hosting on webservers which run on Linux
  • Web Hosting on Webservers which run of windows

And It depends what server to be used on what language you using to design your website .
300x250-host-websiteReseller webhosting registration

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