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6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tanimbar island of Indonesia, warning about Tsunami

Jakarta (Agency) In eastern Indonesia, the entire area was shocked by a 6.4-magnitude intensity earthquake on Monday morning. Along with this, a warning has been issued to the Tsunami which was later withdrawn. According to the Seismic Monitoring Organization, this information came out. The earthquake came in a depth of 171 km from the surface of the land in Banda Sagar, after which the tsunami feared. This has been revealed in the Geological Survey. Soon after this Tsunami Warning was issued by Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning.

However, a new information was released soon after it said that there is no threat to tsunami in any area in the Indian Ocean. According to local reports there is no information about any kind of damage and injuries to anyone. Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that local people felt the terrible setbacks of two-three-second earthquake. They told that there was no fear of tsunami in them.

Let us tell you that on the 26th of February last month, similar to 6.1-magnitude earthquake was felt near this epicenter, in which there was no news of any damage.

According to seismic activity hotspot, Indonesia is at risk of so-called Pacific Ocean. There are frequent earthquakes in it, which means Indonesia is partially affected. However, there is a vigilance about the Tsunami in this archipelago.

In 2004, a tsunami hit the coast of Sumatra due to an earthquake. As a result, 2,20,000 people died in the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, the highest number was 168,000.

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