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Apple is preparing to remove thousands of apps from the App Store

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apple removes apps on app store

Apple doesn’t want non-updated apps in the App Store

Apple wants to clean up its App Store, and hundreds of developers have already been notified that their apps need their attention, and if nothing is done, within 30 days they will disappear from the app store.

Even though the apps in question work, do what they promise, Apple wants the apps to be updated more frequently. But here’s what Apple’s website says:

To make it easier for customers to find great apps that meet their needs, we want to ensure that the apps available in the App Store are functional and up-to-date. We are implementing an ongoing process of app evaluation, removing apps that no longer work as expected, do not follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.

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While I think this action is beneficial to users, I can understand the complaints mainly from small developers who need to deal with a fast pace of software cycles. Also, applications/games can be completed projects without the need to update. However: Unfortunately, there are many applications in the App Store that have not been updated by developers for a long time, and sometimes a “little push” in the right direction is needed.

In other words, Apple does not want apps in its App Store that have not been updated for more than 2 years. That means that all apps will have at least 1 update in the last 24 months, otherwise it doesn’t meet their quality standards.

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