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Apple, Netflix video games in the Monday presentation

On Monday 25 March 2019, during a planned event, Apple is expected to announce its new TV, news and video game services. There is the talk of a Netflix-style subscription service which, when signed, would give access to various paid iOS games. Apple would be discussing the initiative with several potential partners, not disclosed.

A Netflix-style service for video games run by Apple is talked about since January and, without too many mysteries, should allow you to play freely at a series of games for a fixed monthly amount. Apple would also like to launch something similar for digital news and magazines.

As already mentioned, the games included in the service should be paid and not free-to-play. Games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile would, therefore, be left out, but it is logical that this is so since free access makes it unnecessary to include them in a subscription. Developers will be paid based on how often their games are used. Expect the inclusion of titles such as Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Life is Strange, Heads Up !, Monument Valley 1 and 2 and NBA 2K19. However, on Monday we will be able to tell you.

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