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Best Affiliate Programs India | List of Affiliate programs for Bloggers

Best affiliate programs India 2015 | Affiliate programs for beginners

In past people used to design websites or blogs to earn money mostly from advertisements through cost per click CPC or cost per mile CPM networks like google adsense.
But these programs will generate less revenue compare to the affiliate programs . That’s why bloggers mainly concentrating on affiliate programs and creating content related to their products.
For all you beginners, let us first know what is an affiliate program?
Affiliate program : An automated marketing system in which an online advertiser or a company recruits a webmaster or blogger to place Company ads on their websites/blogs. If a visitor buys anything through that banner the merchant or advertiser pays the webmaster a fixed amount of commission. It is also called Cost per Action CPA or Cost per Lead generated by you.

So, bloggers or webmasters, prefer affiliate programs rather than CPC programs which generates much low income. A list of the Best affiliate programs India 2015 are given below. Check it out, and try it based on your interest and your blog content.

Best Affiliate programs India 2015

List of Best Affiliate Programs in India 2015 | Websites offering affiliate program for Indians

1. Flipkart Affiliate program: Flipkart is one of the best online eCommerce websites in India. Flipkart offers upto 15% commission on the sale you made through your website/blog.
2.SnapDeal Affiliate Program : Snapdeal offers 10% commission on the products that you sell through your website or blog. Commission will be paid for the sale above Rs.400/-
the above listed are eCommerce websites that offer affiliate program for Indians. The below is the list of matrimonial websites which offers upto 75% + commissions for every membership you made through your website/blog
Best Matrimonial websites offering affiliate programs


Best Tours & Travels websites offering affiliate programs


Best Job Board websites offering affiliate programs


Best Web Hosting websites offering affiliate programs

I personally prefer Bigrock to start with as it pays you higher and much easier to get your commission. So these are the best affiliate programs in India 2015 for beginners.
Note : If you want to know whether a website is offering affiliate program , just type in google ” + Affiliate program it will show the official page to signup .
Any doubts please ask in the comment section.

There are also advertising media networks , who offers Cost per lead , Cost per Action and also Cost Per Sale type of ads , get them leads and earn commissions when a visitor who comes through your blog and becomes a lead .

Best Advertising Media Networks for Affiliate programs

Why to choose third party affiliate advertising networks ?

The first thing is , it is very difficult to get approved from big affiliate programs who look for bigger traffic to your website . Better to choose the below affiliate networks as the provide many products under one roof, so that you need not to apply for each and every affiliate programs individually.

Though the commission rate differs, but you can have easy access to many products and there will be flexibility in commissions.

For example a blogger joined 5 affiliate programs and each affiliate program’s payout is 5000, but he reaches approx. 1200 in each at the end of the month.

Result ?

Can’t withdraw your commission … Right ?

What if all the five affiliate programs are under one network ? Easy earnings and Easy withdrawals.

By choosing third party affiliate networks , you can get flexibility in choosing products and commissions and withdrawals.

The below mentioned are few affiliate networks in India , that i personally worked with and got the best results. There are many in the market , its up to you to chose the best.

1. Payoom : Payoom offers a wide range of products and CPA,CPS and CPL types of ads , you can choose depending upon your website niche.

Featured Offers on Payoom Network

  • Jabong CPS
  • Archies Online
  • Paytm
  • Vistaprint and many more

2. Praiseads: Praiseads also offers the same as above, Cost per Action, Cost per sale and Cost per lead , and I prefer this affiliate network for bloggers with low and mid range traffic.

Featured Offers on Praiseads Network

  • Dream11
  • Career Builder
  • Bankbazaar
  • Frankfinn and Many more

Note: The Products and Brands in these affiliate media network will change after a period of time. As of now the above are available .


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