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Best SEO Plugin for WordPress | List of Best SEO WordPress Plugins

Best Seo Plugin for WordPress | List of Best Seo WordPress Plugins

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress :  As we know WordPress is the CMS that is used by most of the webmasters to develop websites, and SEO is very important to get organic traffic to your websites. As we know in 2014 competition is very high for every keyword, its better to use these plugins to make the basic things easier and shift those time to other important things that you need additional to get top in the google search list ; here are some of the best wordpress plugins that we prefer to use for best SEO practice.

best seo plugin for wordpress

List of Best Seo Plugin for WordPress 2014 

Google XML Sitemap Plugin: First and the basic thing that you must do is to get indexed in google. Google XML Sitemap Plugin Generates the Sitemap.xml which is crawled by googlebot to check what URL’s Should be indexed.

SEO Plugin By Squirrly : SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY WordPress SEO Plugin helps you write content that’s both Google Friendly and Human friendly. Excellent balance between what search engine bots look for in your content and what Human readers crave for

Use Google Libraries Plugin / WP Super Cache /W3 Total Cache : As we know speed of the website is one of the most important concept that effects your SEO results.These plugin makes your website faster
SEO Image Plugin :  This plugin automatically adds ALT and Title attribute to your images , if you forgot to add these attributes to your images .
Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin:   Breadcrumbs makes your users navigate better , and also it helps your SEO by providing good structure in your SERP Pages.
Above all these , you need ALL in One SEO Plugin which contains all options to make your website SEO Optimized ON Page.
The Above are the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress List to Make your Website ON Page Optimized

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