Best WordPress Theme for SEO 2015

Best WordPress Theme for SEO 2015

One of the basic and important stage of getting a high quality product is design , and we must take care to choose a perfect theme which is user friendly, Device friendly and most importantly SEO friendly. That is why most of the successful bloggers choose the best WordPress theme and even pay for it  as they know small investments may earn them big .

Before choosing a WordPress theme , what you have to look in for it ?

Page Speed of the WordPress theme :

Before your going to by the theme that you like, check out the speed of the theme page  : http://gtmetrix.com/

Do you know Page Speed is one of the key factor that effects your SEO.

Let us see this comparison Speed test among the theme i preferring you with the genesis frame work theme.

Wordpress best themes for SEOShocked …!

Yes it has the speed grade of A and YSlow grade of A which the famous genesis frame work theme doesn’t have.

Wanna know which WordPress theme for SEO I’m talking about ?

Best wordpress themes for SEO 2015

Best wordpress themes for SEO 2015

Lets us find some more interesting facts about this theme before i reveal it.

The Best WordPress Theme for SEO  should have

  • the Structure which search engines love.
  • Quality Code which uses latest technologies.
  • Page speed as said earlier
  • Content which can be easily accessible.
  • Best practices of Search engine Optimization.
  • User friendly and readable and easy sharable .
  • Voting functionality for the posts you write which can be considered as reader engagement program where you can involve users .
  • and Most importantly Stable and Secure code.
  • Built in Rich snippet support which helps you to attract organic traffic.
  • A theme with ready translation, through which language will not become a barrier for your skills
  • Attractive Icons and  Google font library makes it more user friendly.

What can you get by choosing the best WordPress theme for SEO

  • High earnings from ads as it provides ad management through which you can place ads where you can get high CTR .
  • Due to its user friendly design, you visitor is engaged on you site through features like breadcrumbs and related posts causing less bounce rate and more page-views.
  • And its Search Engine Friendly design gives you higher ranking with your quality content and On page optimisation.
  • More Social sharing options which are attractive to look and
  • Theme option panel which is very easy to manage.

Now its time to reveal the WordPress theme that I’m talking about.

Best wordpress theme for SEO 2015

Best wordpress theme for SEO 2015

Schema WordPress theme which is considered as the fastest wordpress theme and 387 reviews from professional bloggers and webmasters with 5star rating  has something special about it.

So when you are planning to start a blog or want to shift your theme to get high exposure shift to Schema WordPress theme and you will see massive change in your traffic and rankings.

Interesting right ???

Now let us make this more interesting, get the best for 20% less now, yes you heard it right.  Just use the following code to get this theme 20% less .


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  1. Great wordpress theme for SEO, Especially i like the inbuild review system and rich snippet support which attract my visitors even though when my website SERP is at 3.

    I have used it for my other website which is running very well .

    Thanks for the share.

  2. In my opinion, I generally don’t think that you can have a SEO optimized site just because of the theme. Yes, I agree that speed is a factor, however, testing a theme’s page score will give inaccurate results. Because when you’re testing it will be on the company’s hosting server which can be a VPS or dedicated server. However, when you install it on your server, chances are it will be a shared server. So, speed will be less.

  3. Schema is a great responsive word-press theme, I personally recommend this theme because I already use this theme, this is very light weight version, and loading speed is very low, My website loading time is 2 ms. it’s awesome for every website..
    Thanks for your great effort, nice article..

    Mohd Arif

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