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Bomb of World War II Found in Hong Kong Construction Site Difused by Police

World War II bomb found near a construction subway station in Hong Kong city of China. The bomb found on Friday is about 450 kilograms heavier. After information about the bomb spread, there was a chaos in the area. On receipt of the information, the police evacuated at least 1200 people from this area.

According to the police, the bomb detention team disrupted a bomb of 450 kilograms (1,000 pounds), which is being said to be made of America. According to the information, three such bombs have been detected so far this year. Police on Thursday night, after 20 hours of hard work, disabled this bomb. The bomb detention squad said that they had to be extremely careful in deactivating the bomb, as the bomb was standing in the ground. Because of which half of it was burnt inside the ground.

It is said that during the Second World War in 1941, the United States had attacked Hong Kong. In the same region in 2016, six undiscovered grenades and two mortar shells were found during World War II. Apart from this, the police had deactivated a warhead bomb weighing about a ton in 2014, which was the largest bomb ever found in the city.

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