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Brexit Surprise: United Kingdom, Theresa May opens a second referendum

A second referendum on Brexit? Now it will be possible thanks to the opening of Theresa May. What is going on?

Theresa May has opened to the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit, something that until now had always refused with the decision. The novelty came in a surprise speech at the Price Waterhouse Cooper center, a few meters from Westminster, where he launched his "latest offer" because otherwise the Brexit "will definitely be in danger".

"The House of Commons has voted to activate article 50 and the majority of parliamentarians say they want to pursue the result of the referendum, so I think we need to help them find a way and I believe there is a last chance to do it",

said May, adding:

"I listened to the concerns of all the political parties and did everything to respond. Today I am making a serious offer to parliamentarians: a new agreement on Brexit ".

The British premier has proposed the possibility for parliamentarians to vote on the option of a second referendum, even before its new agreement on Brexit. If the House of Commons were to say yes to the second popular consultation, then the deputies would scrutinize its plan, once again revised and to the fourth attempt in the classroom: in addition to the option of the second referendum, May also envisaged another opening to the opposition, and that is the unprecedented hypothesis of a sort of temporary customs union until the thorny affair of the post-Brexit Irish border will be resolved.

But May's desire for compromise has instead triggered the opposite effect. The Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who until a few days ago had been negotiating for weeks with her on an unlikely bipartisan Brexit agreement, immediately slammed the door in the face of the premier: "No mention of it, this recycled agreement does not meet our demands, including the permanent customs union with the EU, the protection of workers and the safety of incoming goods after Brexit ".

Corbyn does not even mention the option in a referendum offer, which he had even asked for, because he knows that it is potentially explosive within his party already split on the matter. On the other hand, dozens and dozens of conservatives, even the rebels who had recently returned to the party leader and premier May, have already sworn that they will never vote for a similar plan that includes two "bogeymen" like the union customs and the second popular Brexit consultation.

In short, less than miracles, this fourth attempt by May seems to have already failed, because everyone is unhappy: Euro-skeptical conservatives and even Europhiles, as well as Labor. At this point, the announced resignation of the prime minister could be accelerated in the next few days, also because yesterday the premier reiterated that this would be the last chance to pass on an agreement.

The only one who can take advantage of it at this point is once again Nigel Farage, who will bask even more of his alleged "purity" on Brexit, while the two traditional parties, conservative and Labor, seem increasingly confused, ambiguous and very unattractive. by the absolutely out of the question British citizens, who will go to vote the day after tomorrow for the surreal European elections three years after the referendum that decreed the exit from the EU.

In short, the opening of May on the second referendum could even trigger the acceleration of his resignation, the arrival of a very eurosceptic conservative leader like Boris Johnson and therefore swell even more the wave of the No Deal, that is the very dangerous exit without London agreement from the EU, with potentially very serious consequences, for everyone.

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