Android 11 Features and List of Smartphones compatible with the New Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Features and List of Compatible Smartphones

After several Developer Preview versions, Android 11 is now in beta. List of Android 11 features, compatible smartphones, find everything you need to know about this new version of the system. After briefly mentioning a few new features in mistake, Google finally officially launched the Developer Preview version of Android 11 in February, giving an … Read more

What is Universal Basic Income? Know the Advantages, Disadvantages, Experiments, Results.

What is universal basic income? Advantages, Disadvantages, experiments,results

What is Universal Basic Income? How would you feel if I tell you that the government, without any conditions, would give you 1000 rs for free? And not just once. The government will give you 1000 rs for free every month. And not just you, every citizen of the country would get 1000 rs for … Read more

Top 5 Smartphones of 2020 1st Quarter

Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones of 2020 1st Quarter

These are the top five best-selling smartphones in 2020 first quarter Which is the best selling Smartphone? Best Selling Smartphone of 2020 1st Quarter Samsung Galaxy A51 4G became the world’s best-selling Android smartphone in the first quarter of the year (January to March). These smartphones have sold over 60 lakhs worldwide. According to the … Read more

Time Management Tips For Work- Managing Your Effectiveness and Creativity with a Routine

Time management tips for work

Humans are considered, by some accounts, to be the most habitual beings on the planet. If that is the case why do we often seem to be the most unpredictable of creatures? I believe the answer lies in our ability to intellectualize everything that comes across our palate. The list of possibilities of activities on … Read more