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Looking For The Best Air Conditioner In India ? Read This Before You Buying AC

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best air conditioner in India

Planning to buy best Air Conditioner in India? In this extensive Guide we will help you make a better buying decision before the actual purchase.

Summer is Coming! Rather it has already been knocked on our doors. I am pretty sure you don’t like the scorching heat of the sun either, so are you willing to guard yourself and the family from the summer heat waves? If the answer to the above question is yes then purchasing an Air Conditioner Or Refrigerators would be a no brainer.

If you have made up your mind to purchase an Air Conditioner, then buying any random Air Conditioner in a hurry won’t be a good idea. Before buying one you should consider many factors and then proceed with this investment.

With our handy guide we present to you the multiple factors you need to consider before purchasing an Air Conditioner. We also bring to you the Best Air Conditioner In India. You can buy in your preferred range and style (Split, Inverter, Window). 

Best Air Conditioner In India Buying Guide

There are some questions that one should ask themselves about before buying an Air Conditioner for their home.

How to find out which size (capacity) to buy?

Purchasing an Air Conditioner is never an easy task. One of the most important things to consider before making the purchase of an Air Conditioner is its capacity and efficiency. Best Air Conditioner In India are ranked based on the BTU they provide (British Thermal Unit). Other than the BTU there are several other factors that one must consider along with BTU before making the purchase. Such factors are the Air Conditioner’s Star Rating, Cooling Capacity, Type Of build (Window, Split) etc. As a general rule of thumb if the room size happens to be larger go with a large tonnage AC, but 1.5 is good enough for most of the room sizes to provide an efficient cooling. Consider the below chart as a good point of reference.

How to find out the Energy Efficiency Of An Air Conditioner?

Energy Star is a parameter that is quite commonly used with the electronic items in India. Air conditioners are no different, they come with Star Ratings as well. Each of the Brands have their own metrics to measure and provide the energy star rating. But generally speaking, an Air Conditioner with higher BTU will consume more energy. In general terms what one should look before buying Best Air Conditioner In India is to choose the one with more stars in their star ratings.

Should You Buy A Split AC or Window AC ?

Air Conditioners come in mostly two types of builds in India. One is Split AC and the other one is the Window AC.

Each one of these has their own sets of pros, cons and salient features. If you are on a low budget, then Window ACs are the way to go. If budget is not a problem and you are looking for Best AC In India with lesser noise and better hygiene then you should consider Split AC. If you consider a split AC it will have a compressor unit outside and an indoor unit. Split AC is much cleaner than their window counterparts. If you don’t want to drill hole in your wall and already have a good window interface, then window AC is also not a bad option either considering the fact that they cool better 

Do You Need To Buy a Voltage Stabilizer with AC ?

The compressor in the Air Conditioning Unit runs within a potential difference of 190 V to 240 V. However, there might be certain areas of the city or village where the voltage would be lesser than 190 V, in that case we shall need to maintain a stable electricity voltage. In general terms it’s good to have a stabilizer to have a stable electricity for your pricey Air Conditioner so that the compressor is not impacted by erratic voltage fluctuations.

How Often Should One Clean The Filters ?

Filters in the Air Conditioners stop dust particles and clean the air. Naturally, over a period of time they collect a layer of dust. As a habit of hygiene, it’s good to clean the filter every 15 days. It ensures that the air you are breathing is of the freshest quality possible.

Is the use of perfumes a good idea with my Air Conditioner ?

Perfumes do create an enchanting experience. Olfactory senses play a vital role in overall wellbeing, thus having a pleasant smell goes hand in hand. Perfumes naturally seem like a good idea. However, one should be cautious with its usage, since some people may be allergic to this and might develop sneezing and cold with a runny nose. The best way to keep the foul smell at bay is to ventilate the room properly before using the Air Conditioner. If you happen to be in a settlement where windows are fixed and glass panes are there, room freshener is a good option and they add a real value to the setup. You may also opt for indoor plants to add to the grandeur and simultaneously improving the air quality.

How Do I maximize The Air Conditioning throughput and efficiency?

All of the Air Conditioning units need fresh air supply to work optimally. So, it’s of utmost importance that the outdoor unit is kept clean. The use of curtains, blinds on windows block the sunlight thereby reducing the heat input and thus improving the cooling efficiency by 5%. A false ceiling reduces heat input to the room. The filter should be easily accessible so that it can be cleaned regularly since an unclean filter shall hinder the cooling thereby increasing the energy consumption by 10%.

What are the best Air Conditioner brands in India ?

Brand name matters a lot in India. But, other than that other parameters which matter are serviceability.

Presently some of the Brands that are doing well in this market are Voltas, Daikin & Panasonic.

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