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Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Facebook Suspends 200 Applications [Apps]

Facebook takes the lead. The company said Monday it has suspended about 200 applications on its platform as part of a survey of the collection of personal data of its users, nearly two months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

"The investigation process is in full swing," said Ime Archibong, vice president of product partnerships at Facebook, in a statement. "We have strong internal and external teams of experts working hard to review these applications as quickly as possible. So far, thousands of applications have been analyzed and about 200 have been suspended - pending a full investigation to determine if they have actually misappropriated data, "said Archibong.

The investigation was launched after the resounding Cambridge Analytica scandal. This British firm is accused of having collected and exploited without their consent the personal data of some 87 million Facebook users for political purposes.

This information would have been used to develop software to predict and influence voter voting to influence the 2016 US presidential campaign, won by Republican Donald Trump. "If we find evidence that these or other applications have diverted data, we will ban them and warn users on the website," Archibong added.


The revelations about the Cambridge Analytica scandal sparked investigations on both sides of the Atlantic and led Facebook to tighten its rules on how personal data is shared and obtained. "There is still a lot of work to do to discover all the applications that could get their hands on Facebook user data - and that will take time," said the leader.

Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL began "insolvency proceedings in the United Kingdom" in early May, according to a statement from the data analysis and strategic communications company.

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