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Cannes, day 9: Star Wars and John Travolta in the spotlight

The white soldiers of the Empire will then supervise the almost “world premiere” of the film Solo: A Star Wars Story at the Grand Théâtre Lumière (except for a screening in Los Angeles). A few hours later, a ten-minute fireworks display will illuminate the bay of Cannes. In the sky, pyrotechnic spaceships pay tribute to the famous smuggler’s Millenium Falcon. A prelude to the evening given in honor of the film, where Donald Glover (who succeeds Billie Dee Williams in the role of Lando Calrissian) – also known as his stage name Childish Gambino – danced on his last tube that amazes the United States: This is America. Disney has definitely seen things in a big way.

The beautiful speeches of John Travolta

The next afternoon, it was necessary to cross not less than four checkpoints to access the master-class of the day. Security took the lesson after the arrival of Christopher Nolan who had, literally, unleashed the crowds. Rightly: today, the “end boss” of this labyrinth is called John Travolta. On the Croisette, nobody has forgotten the huge surprise that was Pulp Fiction , awarded the Palme d’Or in 1994. The acclamation is noisy. Despite his graying temples, the interpreter of Vincent Vega looks good. “Every time I’m told that I look young, I feel like we do not care about my mouth,” jokes the actor, who does not accuse his 64 years at all.

On the Croisette, he presents his new film Gotti where he plays a godfather of the New York underworld in the 1980s. But above all, he comes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mythical Grease , which will be screened this Wednesday evening at 9:30 pm on the beach . “This film is an eternal gift,” he says. “I still have five-year-olds today who tell me about it as if it were shot yesterday, where people choreograph me in the street …”. John Travolta connects the anecdotes. Including one about Benicio del Toro, president this year of the jury “Un Certain regard”, who recently told him: “I must admit, I saw Greasefourteen times while I was a teenager. It made me want to become an actor … “This is not really what we imagined of the actor who lent his features to Che Guevara.

John Travolta went up the stairs Tuesday night to attend “Solo”.
His dancing skills have, he explains Travolta, allowed to tap in the eye of Quentin Tarantino for Pulp Fiction . He partly choreographed the dance scene with Uma Thurman. With passion, but without knowing the success that could meet the film: “Nobody had the idea of ​​the magnitude that Cannes would provoke for the fate of Pulp Fiction. We thought we had made a small author film, reserved for a limited audience … A little what Truffaut could represent for French cinema, “he explains. John Travolta then takes the time to give some advice to the apprentice actors present in the room. “Reinventing is what I do all the time, because my personality bores me. You do not have to look like your character to play it. I do not judge them morally. On the contrary, I assimilate the moral code which is theirs. Gotty has, in his own way, his own integrity. Everything is subjective. ”

About the #MeToo movement and its resonance during the Festival, the actor goes on a miss France speech: “I do not believe in any distinction. I am a citizen of the world, of the planet. I’d like us all to be. “Finally, this” popular film actor who loves auteur films “has entrusted his best memory in the dark:” I love Bergman and Fellini enormously. I watched La Strada when I was five years old. And then when I saw the death of Giulietta Masina … I understood that one could really die of sorrow. The art of cinema was revealed to me at that time. “

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