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Trade War US-China : Beijing “will not Compromise” On Principles

China warned Sunday that it would "not compromise" on the fundamental principles "in its trade war against the US, in a" White Paper "issued after the entry into force of punitive tariffs on American products.

"The trade war does not make America great," vice minister of the State Council Information Office Mr.Guo Weimin said from Beijing, echoing Donald Trump's campaign slogan.

Since then, prices and costs of production have increased in the United States, their exports to China have declined and global growth is threatened, Guo summarized, presenting a White Paper to the press. This 21-page document, which summarizes China's positions, is published the day after the entry into force of new punitive tariffs on $ 60 billion worth of US goods imported each year in China, in response to the latest US sanctions taken early May on 200 billion dollars of Chinese products.

"If the United States wants the clash, we are ready"

A month after the failure of bilateral trade talks between the world's two largest economic powers, China's vice minister of the State Council Information Office , Guo Weimin, told reporters that the United States bore "full responsibility" for these setbacks.

In presenting the white paper, Guo said the trade war triggered last year by Donald Trump did not make "his greatness to America", as an echo of the campaign slogan of the President of the United States. He said he has no information about a possible bilateral meeting between Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in late June in Tokyo on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

In the White Paper, the Chinese government deems the Trump Administration's "wholly unfounded" accusations of theft of intellectual property but recognizes that "cooperation is the only possible choice" between the two countries.

About Huawei, the Chinese defense minister said it was not a military enterprise. "Do not think that since Huawei's boss has served in the army, then the company he built is part of the army," said General Wei Fenghe.

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