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Christmas Stockings || Celebrate this Christmas Eve with Family || Decoration || Gifts

Every Christmas, it has become a tradition to hang a Christmas stocking in fireplaces or walls during Christmas eve. Children and adult are excited to participate in this tradition. During Christmas day, after waking up, everyone heads toward the Christmas tree to open their gifts. They would reach for their Christmas stockings first to see what goodies and surprises are inside, then open their gifts under the Christmas tree. There are many stories on how the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings came about. The most popular story is about a man whose wife died and left their three daughters with him. Although his three daughters were gentle and kind, the man was afraid that his daughters would never marry because he was poor and doesn’t have enough money to pay for their dowries. One day, while Saint Nicholas, also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, was walking through town, he heard the townspeople talking about the man’s problem. He knew that the man would not accept his money willingly so he waited until it was dark and went to the man’s house. He climbed up to the chimney and dropped three bags of gold. It was a coincidence that the man’s daughters washed their clothes and hung their stockings by the fireplace to dry. The three bags of gold slipped inside the girl’s stockings. When the girls awoke the next morning, they were surprised to see a bag of gold in their stockings, more than enough to pay for each of their dowries. The girls got married and lived happily ever after. The story about the girl’s stockings spread throughout the town and the townsfolk started to hang their stockings by the fireplace in the hope of being as lucky and catching a bag of gold.

From then on, people started the tradition of hanging their Christmas stocking. It is very amusing how an old wive’s tale could start a tradition but then again, it is a tradition that everyone looks forward to every year. Christmas would not be the same without it.

Christmas stockings have evolved from the red fluffy stocking to a colorful one in different sizes, shapes and texture. Some even have the owner’s name printed on it. Instead of gold, different kinds of gifts are placed on the Christmas stockings nowadays. If you’ve been bad during the year, you might even get a lump of coal instead of goodies.

Different ideas for the modern Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are now fun, unique, and can be an alternative to the gift basket or hostess gift.

A hostess gift could have spicy cheese, gourmet corn chips and salsa on it, which could go in any theme.

Handmade stockings are also available. They are unique and adds a traditional glow to the Christmas stocking. It can be made from different types of fabric, from recycled cotton to cashmere.

Christmas stockings can be used as gift wrapping for gifts that are long and big which looks awkward under the tree like a golf club, paintball gun, or a fancy cane. It can also be used as gag gift, just fill it with cereal boxes or balls of recycled paper with a special gift at the toe of the stocking.

Aside from Christmas stockings, stocking holders in different styles are also available to hold your stockings. Nails and cupboard hooks can be used but stocking holders adds a little style to your stockings without damaging your mantle piece.

Christmas stockings are part of the holiday tradition like Santa Claus. It has become a good alternative to gift baskets and gift wrapping of things that look weird under the Christmas tree. Whatever your taste or interest, there’s surely a Christmas stocking for you or your loved one. You could also consider using a stocking holder to compliment your stocking and prevent damage to your mantle piece.


Christmas Tree Stockings


What could be the most awaited time of the year than Christmas? For the kids and those who are kids at heart, Christmas is a time for great joy, far more than any other times of the year. Especially for those who believe in gift giving and Santa Claus. And what would better symbolize Christmas than a tall Christmas tree with many Christmas tree stockings all around.

At this time of sharing, everybody will gather around to celebrate. Christmas tree stockings are one symbol you cannot afford to miss decorating. It is a functional decoration which will not only put a smile to everyone but also surprise them with treats.

Far more than its great treat, Christmas tree stockings are also a fun and conventional decorations during the Christmas season. And there are a lot of ways we can make it more useful.

Here are some few tips to decorate and personalize your own Christmas tree stockings come December.

Knit Christmas tree stockings a cute and handy case for gift giving

Buy knitted Christmas tree stockings and embellish the knitted boot design with snowflakes, a tree or a reindeer. You can also sew and add your greetings for the holiday cheer on the design as well. This will make it more personalized. These Christmas tree stockings are more than just a decoration, they can also be a replacement for parchment papers and other gift wrapping paper for your gift giving. A fun way to gift giving is to have personalized knitted Christmas tree stockings as a container to your present. You can also add cute knitted dolls inside your Christmas tree stockings along with your gifts.

Small Christmas tree stockings for big treats

You can make a number of small Christmas tree stockings that are made out of construction paper. Embellish it with golden string, cut-outs, buttons, ribbons and any scrap booking materials. Put a treat inside your little stockings and hang them on your Christmas tree. Have your loved ones pick one out during the celebration. It will surely be a big surprise for everyone coming from little cute Christmas tree stockings.

There are a lot to prepare for this holiday season. Planning ahead of time is the best way to minimize holiday panic and enjoy a stress free celebration. Start planning for the tricks and treat you and your family will enjoy sharing, and start making those right now.

Never forget to include Christmas tree stockings for your holiday preparations and be the first to great your loved ones with cheer and delight this Christmas. When your kids would find those Christmas tree stockings brimming with gifts on the holiday season, there is no better way you and your family will enjoy the holidays together. Another fun way to make the holiday memorable is to gather around with your family and pass around your specially decorated stockings with presents and treats in it. It is a magical way to surprise everyone and an exciting way to reunite the whole family together.

Indeed, it is a surprise treat for kids who believe that Santa Claus would come in from the chimney or from the window to read their letter and eventually hear their request and grant them just a night before Christmas. Children cannot help but to be at their best behavior during the entire season or else their wish will not be granted. For parents, it is the time of the year to teach our children the value of sharing and love.

No matter what your decorative design is, or how big is your Christmas tree stockings are, one important thing is that we share the blessings we receive for the year round to everyone we love. It is far more important than the presents, far greater than the celebration. For every Christmas gifts we share is a joy to everyone we love.


Christmas Stockings for Children


Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year not only by kids, but by everyone. It is the time of giving gifts to your loved ones and you also receive gifts from them. This is the time when kids are very excited about Santa and his gifts. Every kid undergoes a phase when they believe in Santa. They know that Santa comes by during Christmas Eve to bring gifts to kids and place goodies in children’s Christmas stocking if they have been nice the whole year. But if the kids have been bad, the children’s Christmas stocking will have a lump of coal instead of goodies. The tradition of hanging children’s Christmas stockings on the wall are now not just for kids but for adults and pets as well. To make the holiday special, parents hang their children’s Christmas stockings on the fireplace. If they don’t have a fireplace to hang their children’s Christmas stockings, they hang the Kids Christmas stockings on the wall. When their kids are old enough, they hang their own children’s Christmas stockings on the fireplace or wall.

Parents are finding more ways to make their children enjoy the Christmas season. Aside from hanging their children’s Christmas stockings on the wall, they put different stuff inside their children’s Christmas stockings to make them believe that Santa came over to their house to put gifts under the tree and put goodies into the children’s Christmas stockings. The parents are the ones who buy the gifts that their children have requested to Santa and make it look like Santa placed it inside the children’s Christmas stockings.

There are now ways or services that parents could avail to make Santa more believable. They could order a letter from Santa with a postage stamp from North Pole. Because the letter came through the mail, your kids won’t have any doubts that you’re behind it. These letters have different kinds for different occasions like your kid’s first Christmas or if your baby is going through a tough time. You can further personalize it with details and messages for a more authentic feel.

Santa could also call your kid. Just give the specific details about your kids and the company would be the one to do the rest. Surely, you kids will be thrilled as they talk to Santa about the gifts that will be found inside your children’s Christmas stockings. They won’t suspect that you are their Santa. Your husband won’t have to wear a Santa outfit too!

There are also other things that you can do to make the holiday more fun and wonderful. You can ask your kids to help you decorate the house and make your children’s Christmas stocking with them. You can also order personalized children’s Christmas stockings to make it more special. Tell stories to your kids about Santa and how he puts gifts not only under the Christmas tree but also in your children’s Christmas stockings.

The traditional milk and cookies is a good idea to make your kids believe in Santa. Your kids can help you bake the Christmas cookies and they can also help you set the table for Santa. He will drink the milk and eat some cookies when he comes over. Your baby will be anxious to see if Santa eats their offering and leaves some goodies inside the children’s Christmas stockings.Buying special gifts for your kids and putting special decors in your home could really add up to the holiday spirit. You can also tell bedtime stories to your babies and sing Christmas carol with them until bedtime.

Parents have different and unique ways of celebrating Christmas with their babies, especially those who are celebrating their first Christmas with their babies. Whatever way each parent chooses for their kids, there will always be a visit from Santa and goodies in the Christmas stockings for children.

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    Maternity Support Stockings

    When You Find the Need to Use Maternity Support Stockings

    Women who are expecting a baby will find a need to use maternity support stockings at some point during their pregnancy. There are a lot of available maternity support stockings to choose from but before you go out and buy one for yourself, you should know how and why maternity support stockings need to be used. Wearing these kinds of stockings actually helps take care of a woman’s body during pregnancy as it does not only aid circulation in the legs but maternity support stockings can also help reduce varicose veins and prevent new ones from showing up.

    What are varicose veins? These are swollen veins in the leg area that sometimes bulges near the skin’s surface. Most of the time, varicose veins have a blue or purple hue and these veins usually show up in your legs but there are occasions when you might find them somewhere else. Although varicose veins are common in most women, more of these veins develop when a woman is pregnant and this is why you will find good use for maternity support stockings.

    Christmas stockings have evolved from the red fluffy stocking to a colorful one in different sizes, shapes and texture. Some even have the owner’s name printed on it. Instead of gold, different kinds of gifts are placed on the Christmas stockings nowadays. If you’ve been bad during the year, you might even get a lump of coal instead of goodies.

    You will eventually need maternity support stockings because as the uterus grows, it puts more pressure on the large vein on your body’s right side and this is what causes the pressure in the leg veins to increase. This makes the veins in your legs work against the forces of gravity and without maternity support stockings you will end up with severely swollen varicose veins.

    During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes to the body of a woman including weight gain that can easily increase the already intense pressure in the leg area making the problem of varicose veins even worse. If not addressed, you can develop ailments that are more serious than your average leg pain. It can lead to circulation issues as well as edema problems. If you want to ease varicose veins then it is suggested that you wear maternity support stockings. These maternity support stockings come with various compression strengths.

    Other than helping to ease varicose vein problems, maternity support stockings also reduce the onset of leg cramps during pregnancy. There is also the problem of vein inflammation that maternity support stockings can easily help to regulate. But in choosing your maternity support stockings, there are times when it is best to ask your physician to do thee choosing for you. This way you can be sure that the maternity support stockings you will be purchasing will indeed help you out with the blood circulation in your legs.

    These stockings are usually made from soft and breathable fabric. They provide enough compression to regulate the flow of blood in your legs to your heart by delivering just the right amount of pressure. These stockings are not like tensor bandages because the latter can easily cut off your entire circulation. You can have these specially fitted if necessary.

    Stockings like these are definitely thicker than any regular hosiery and because they are tight at the ankle and gets looser as they go up the leg they make it easier for the blood to flow back up towards your heart. These stockings are also better alternatives to surgery in terms of alleviating minor leg discomforts and the like. Unlike regular stockings, these ones provide support to the calf muscles. Most people are not aware of it but these are actually considered as medical devices and so insurance companies will cover the cost of these stockings provided that you have a prescription. These kinds of stockings are absolutely cheaper when compared with surgical procedures but they are more expensive when compared with the standard pantyhose. During a pregnancy though, there is no substitute for maternity support stockings as these provide the woman with the necessary support she needs to be free from leg pain and circulation problems

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      Pet Christmas Stockings


      During the holiday season, we give gifts to friends and family but we tend to forget our pets. They are usually excluded from the festivities which should not be because pets are also considered as part of the family. If the family members have Christmas stockings hanging on the wall, then it is only fitting that we hang pet Christmas stockings for our pets as well because they are part of the family too. We should also give gifts to our beloved pets because they make us happy when we are sad and comforts us when we are feeling blue. As a token of our appreciation to them, why don’t we give them gifts that are placed inside their pet Christmas stocking? We could fill their stocking with their favorite treats or new toys. We could also make homemade treats for our cats and dogs and put them inside the Christmas stockings as stuffers. We could bake cookie treats for our pets after baking batches of Christmas cookies to give away to family and friends. There are plenty of pet Christmas stockings that are now available in the market and a lot of pet shops offer a variety of designs for pet Christmas stockings.

      If you are so busy and you don’t have time to buy a pet Christmas stocking and fill it with gifts and goodies, you could buy a ready-made pet Christmas stockings with treats or toys inside.

      Your pets at home are not the only ones who could have pet Christmas stockings. These are nice gifts to give to your friends who have dogs or cats at home. It would be very thoughtful to include their pets or think of giving them something for their pets this coming holiday season. Dog and cat lovers will surely love the variety of pet Christmas stockings that are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. A good example is a plush paw shaped pet Christmas stockings or a personalized pet Christmas stocking with your pet’s name or photo on it.

      The Top Online Stores That Sells Pet Christmas Stockings offers cute Christmas stockings for dogs. It is a plush green stocking with red trim which has a picture of a happy white dog wearing a Santa hat surrounded by snowflakes and bones. It is also being sold by amazon’s partner, Furniture Creations at $3.

      Montgomery sells Christmas stockings where they could put your pet’s name on it. They also have forty dog breeds and you could choose the pet Christmas stocking that has the breed of your dog. The stocking is made of cotton and polyester and you can have various characters for the name that can be printed on it. It costs $30.

      Baxter offers red pet stocking with a picture of a checkered bone with green at the center. This really cute pet stocking has the word “Nice” printed on one side of the stocking and the word “Naughty” on the other side of the stocking. Baxter Boo sells this at $10.

      The Calling All Dogs shop sells this really nice pet stocking that comes in two colors: red and green. Each stocking has a white trimming that hangs down and hold bells in the end of the trimming. A white paw is printed at the middle of the stocking and a picture of a snowflake is found at the bottom of the stocking. It is very affordable at $8.99 each.

      Pets are part of the family. They give joy and comfort to us when we need it, loyal to us and loves us unconditionally. It is not fair to exclude during Christmas. As part of the family, we should also give them gifts and hang their own pet Christmas stocking along with the stocking of the rest of the family.


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