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This is an open letter to all Bollywood fans, movie lovers and you-tubers.

I am Rakesh Dursheti, Online marketer, Web Designer and a Youtuber. This is about a movie that hurt me when i saw it on Youtube .

Basically, I'm a Youtuber who creates video greetings using copyright free images, music, and videos and mostly promote movie trailers which have creative common license or whose which allow me to do the same. Still i get copyright strikes or warnings from Youtube.

But , when i saw my most awaited movie which was not released in my city on Youtube, that too a pirated version, i was really disappointed .(I stay in karimnagar where the movie still not released in theatres, May be due to the distributers/producers failure)

Sunil grover is the best comedian and a versatile actor, i became a fan of him from the "Comedy Nights with Kapil" which was aired on Colors channels, and he played the role of Gutthi.

coffee with d full movie 2017

He stole my heart when South Indian Famous Directed Chose him to do the character  of Prakash Raj in Akshay Kumar Starrer "Gabbar"a remake of South movie "Ramana" in Tamil "Tagore" in Telugu.

I became hardcore fan , when "The Kapil Sharma Show " started and began to act as "Dr. Gulati", and other various characters.

I believed that this actor has a scope of doing much more in Bollywood, and the good news came when i saw the trailer of "Coffee with D".

coffee with d full movie youtube

And I expected an episode of him promoting his movie on "The Kapil Sharma Show", but it didn't happened, and moreover rumors began to spread on Kapil Sharma , that he is not allowing his colleague/co-actor to grow.

Well as a Fan, of Kapil  too, i can say all those are rumors and moreover its not his show, and being a small film may be the producers of " Coffee with D" may not have sufficient budget for promoting show on "The Kapil sharma show".

Coming to the point, I am an youtuber, and Inventor of "YouFreePromotion"  Concept where a producer can release a Copyright free promotional tease trailer  after releasing his "Official Trailer" reaches a million views.

Uses : He can reach more audience without any cost. E.g "Official Trailer" => 1 million views in a week on one channel, after that "YoufreePromotionTrailer" => 1 million on official channel + 10 million on 1000+ other youtube channels.

"More reach in less Time, Spending no Money".


Explaining this idea because, i believe that producers of "Coffee with D" Should have opted this promotional method rather than thinking of wasting money in promotion or if they have no money.


Still disappointed with the producers and especially Youtube.


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