How to download Covid-19 vaccine certificate using different methods India

India’s largest vaccine drive has started. People are getting vaccinated. Once you get the vaccine, you can download the covid-19 vaccine certificate. Now, there are many ways to do so. 

We will see all the ways using which you can download vaccine certificates. We will also see the exact steps to do that. 

There isn’t just one method to get the covid-19 vaccine certificate but there are multiple methods you can use. 

Methods you can use to Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

If you want to download the covid vaccine certificate after 1st or 2nd dose, you can use any of these four methods. 

  • Using the Cowin website: You will need your mobile number for this. 
  • Using the Aarogya Setu app: You will need an android or IOS mobile as well as you will need a mobile number. Further, you will also need a benificiary ID. 
  • Digilocker app: You will need to create an account here. Adhaar linking will be required and you can then download the certificate with a mobile number. 
  • Umang app: Here, the procedure is the same as Digilocker. 

Please note that you can download any vaccine certificate from the above methods. Whether you took Covidshield or you took Cowaxin, you can download the certificate from these methods. 

Also, you can download the certificate even if you have just taken the first dose. The certificate will have all the details. 

Method 1: Cowin website (Recommended Method)

The first and the easiest method you can use to get the certificate is by using the Cowin website. 

Step 1: Visit the website at and head over to Register/Sign in button. You can visit the website on your mobile as well as on your laptop/PC. The position of the buttons might change a little bit depending on the size of the device. 

covid-19 vaccine certificate download

Step 2: In the next step, you will have to enter your number. When you enter the number, you will get the verification code (also known as OTP). You will have to verify the OTP and you are halfway there. 

covid vaccination certificate

Step 3: You will see the status of your app and if you have successfully vaccine, you will also see the download button. This is how you can verify it and download the certificate. 

covid vaccination certificate

Please note that you will see the certificate for both doses individually. Here, you can see that 1st dose is completed. So, the vaccine certificate for 1st dose is available for download. In the same way, if the second dose is done, you can also download the same. 

This is how you can download the vaccine certificate from the Cowin application. 

Method 2: Use Aarogya Setu App

We all know about the famous Arogya Setu app, right? It’s one of the popular ways using which you can download the vaccine certificate. 

Step 1: You will have to download the Aarogya Setu app for your mobile phone. You can download it on your android and IOS. 

download covid vaccination certificate

Step 2: Open the app and you will be asked to login into the app. You can easily log in by entering your mobile number. They will send a password and you are done.

Step 3: Now, you can simply head over to the Cowin tab and you will see the option to download the vaccine certificate. 

download covid vaccination certificate

You can see the same image in the below screenshot. Just click on the Proceed button from here. 

Step 4: When you do the following, you will have to enter the beneficiary ID. It’s a 13 or 14 digit number. You will have got this when you have gone to take the vaccine. 

You can enter this in the app and then hit the “Get Certificate” button. You will then have the certificate for the Cowin. 

Method 3: Use Digilocker App

Many of you might be knowing the app as this is one of the popular apps in India for downloading all the documents. Now, you can also download the Covid vaccine certificate from here.

Step 1: Download the Digilocker app from the play store or app store. You can see the below-given image to know the logo. 

download covid vaccination certificate

Step 2: You will see the vaccine option on the front page itself. 

download covid vaccination certificate

If you don’t see it there, you will have to hit the search button and look for “Ministry of Health & family welfare”. You can simply type health and you will get the name. 

Alternatively, you can also search for “Vaccine” and you will get it. 

Step 3: Sign in to the account by the same number that you have given during the vaccine registration. 

Thereafter, you can enter the OTP and you will get the certificate. 

Method 4: Use Umang App

As you might be knowing that Umang app is quite similar to Digilocker. So, the steps are very much similar.  So, the steps are also very similar. You can follow the same procedure. The only difference you will get here is in the searching section. 

Let’s see the steps. 

Step 1: Download the Umang app for android or IOS. 

download covid vaccination certificate

Step 2: You will see the “Cowin” option on the home page itself. If not, you can head over to the “Health” section in all services. 

When you go there, you will find the “Cowin” option. 

download covid vaccination certificate

Step 3: Now, the steps are pretty simple. You will have to either login or create an account with the Umang app. Thereafter, you can verify the number and get the certificate on your mobile. 

Common Questions 

Which is the Easiest way to get a Covid vaccination certificate?

You can surely use any of the methods. People prefer the Cowin application method as it’s the best way to use it. 

Should I download the certificate? 

Yes, you must download the certificate. 

I don’t have the reference/beneficiary ID, how can I download the certificate?

You can download it using the Cowin website.

Will I have to download the certificate from all the websites?

No, you can use any one method to download the certificate. 

Can I download the vaccine certificate after 1st dose?

Yes, you can also download the certificate after 1st dose. 

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