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Australia extreme weather: The largest evacuation in 30years

The Cyclone Trevor is continuing its journey on Northern Australia and now threatens the east coast of the Northern Territory.

The danger is so high that the authorities have decided to evacuate some 2,000 residents, most of them being shifted to temporary shelters between the cities of Darwin and Katherine.

Evacuation is taking place via Australian Air Force vehicles, as well as helicopters, coaches and other rescue vehicles. In the areas where Trevor should touch the ground, i'e off the bay of Carpentaria, a state of emergency has been declared.

We are talking about the biggest evacuation since 1974, when Cyclone Tracy passed over Darwin, causing the death of 71 people and forcing about 30,000 people to evacuate.

The Australian Meteorological Office expects wind gusts of 200 kilometers per hour, torrential rain and dangerous thunderstorms. It is not excluded that the cyclone may become stronger even before reaching the area.

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