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Easy Way to Increase your Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tool

Easy Way to Increase your Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tool

Many of the bloggers and webmasters work hard to get traffic on a particular keyword using some SEO Techniques, though it may work or not but it takes some time to get in to the top list of search engine depending upon the competition level specified keyword had.
When you observe your website analysis tool, most of the time you get the organic traffic from the keywords that you didn’t optimized the site for. You can get traffic easily from these keywords if you show some effort on them.

How to find Traffic generating keywords using Google Webmaster Tool 

First of all you have to log in to your Google Webmaster Tool. If you don’t have an account signup with your google account and add your blog/website.
Among the blogs list , select the one which you want to analyze. The dashboard of the site looks like the below picture shown. Go to the Search Queries Section ( It is the section where the date of organic keywords that you are getting from search engines)
easy ways to generate traffic to your blog
When you click on Search Queries , a list of your websites organic keywords are displayed with the average position with respect to the keyword.

Click on the impressions link to sort your keywords in descending order.

Get traffic from google webmaster tools

Now you can see that I am getting impressions for my blog to these keywords, but my position on search engine is bit low to get the click. Take these keywords and re-optimize those posts which are getting impressions in the search engine. Primarily use the SEO Tutorial for ON Page If you didn’t get any results ,
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