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First Test Day 1 | England all out for 58 against New Zealand

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England were all out for 58 in the First Test against New Zealand on Day 1 and New Zealand 175-3 (NZ lead by 117 runs with 7 first-innings wickets remaining).

On the other hand , Stuart Board achieved a wonderful milestone of 400 wickets taking Latham wicket .



And about the England’s performance? Sure, they’re undercooked because that’s what happens nowadays, but one-day cricket is still cricket – the fundamentals don’t change that much. Move yo feet! Also, they know how to bat in these conditions, and they have experience of performing under pressure. I presume Joe Root is giving them what for in the changing room, the problem being he played a loose drive himself, though got a goodun. And looking ahead, what happens if England fail again in the second innings? I felt the selectors were generous after the Ashes, allowing so many to survive. Even if they could justify each reprieve, it didn’t send the right message that you can get whacked and stroll on. The line that England were in every Test was nonsense really – the only reason it wasn’t 5-0 was because Australia didn’t have the players they had in 06-07 and 13-14. It was nothing to do with anything that England did.

Trevor Bayliss england coach said 

We certainly didn’t bat very well this morning. They bowled extremely well but we batted extremely poorly. I think it must have been a mental thing. Our feet looked like they had lead in them today and we didn’t make too many right decisions with our footwork.

Look, we certainly got caught behind the crease to fairly full balls and then we were nowhere. We looked a little bit like rabbits in the headlights.

Today we’re not just off a little bit today, we’re off a lot today. It just wasn’t good enough. There were good [bowling] conditions this morning, a little bit of green grass, but nothing out of the ordinary, that you wouldn’t expect on the first day of a Test match. We need to come out and have a good day tomorrow, hopefully knock them over for as little as possible and then bat big.

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