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FIFA World Cup Day 8 Predictions by #PredictionBaba #Worldcup

Due to Lack of Response , no predictions will be made further

Exclusive FIFA Day 8.

Match 1 : Denmark vs Australia ==> Australia has Better Chances

Match 2 : France vs Peru ==> France will be Winner [Gagnez un bon d'achat de 200€ chez Darty!  : CLICK HERE ]

Match 3 : Argentina vs Croatia ==> Croatia will be winner


Exclusive Contest for Australian Fans :

Exclusive FIFA Day 7.

Match 1 : Portugal vs Morocco ==> Winner will be Portugal [Easy Win]

Match 2 : Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia ==> Winner will be Uruguay [ Tough Fight]

Match 3 : Iran vs Spain ==> Winner will be Spain [Iran will make it difficult ]

Exclusive FIFA Day 6.


Match 1 : Col vs Japan ==> Winner will be Japan

Match 2 : Pol vs Sen ==> Winner will be Senegal

Match 3 : Rus vs Egy ==> Winner will be Russia with some trouble


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We got 100% predictions.

A Draw is not in our hand.



If you don't believe it  . Don't mind . Thanks for visiting. but be sure to see the result after the match , which makes you believe the true power.

==>Winner will be

==> Winner will be

vs ==> Winner will be


Peru vs Denmark ==> Winner will be Denmark

Exclusive FIFA Prediction Day 2.

vs => Winner will be Uruguay

=> Winner will be Iran

vs => Winner will be Portugal


World Cup 2018 Predictions by


Latest Update :


Our First Prediction Egypt vs Uruguay was correct (Bullseye) --> One Share for that .

#PredictionBaba Wohoo!! Second #Prediction came True #WorldCup #Iran Won the Game.


Note : We have seen some weird predictions all over the world, like Cat Prediction, Eagle Prediction, Octopus Prediction. Letz have some fun with our own #PredictionBaba


Note : No Draw Prediction .

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