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How To Work from Home – Become a Freelancer | Freelance Writing Jobs 2022

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Freelance writing jobs online How To Work from Home - Become a Freelancer | Freelancing Writing Jobs 2020

What is Freelancing?

A person who performs tasks given by different employers or business owners and takes money that particular task may be known as a freelancer and the work they offer is freelancing. They usually sell their talent in which they are good and do work for different employers who are in need.

A freelancer may work part-time or full time,  and it is the easiest way to earn some bucks in your free time.

Many employers or business owners need employees to do particular tasks in a given time, and they do want to recruit a permanent employee for it, so they outsource their work to other agencies. But, sometimes it takes more cost than expected, so they outsource their work on websites and receive bids for the same. It’s up to the employer whether they choose the lowest bid or time or experience of the freelancer.


Why Freelancing? The lucrative, expanding freelancing market

More and more businesses today are hiring freelancers for short and long-term projects over hiring permanent positions in their operation. An option that is very cost-effective for businesses, hiring freelancers with relevant experience for their specific project produces better work at a lower price for any industry or market.

Because of this growing demand for freelancers, it’s becoming easier than ever to make a living off of freelancing. With over a dozen, reputable freelancing platforms available for free today, freelancers have many options for where they want to advertise their talents. Take for example. A website that advertises services for $5 or more, any provider can create whatever “gig” they want and add-on pricing accordingly. Then, all the provider has to do is sit back and watch the different inquiries pour in.

If a freelancer is looking for more expensive, long-term arrangements, they can check the many platforms out there, and start by glancing the list of freelancer websites below.

Freelancing isn’t just for writers anymore. Whether your talents rest with digital marketing, computer science, art, crafting, and so much more, the freelancing industry is shaping up to be very lucrative heading into the future.

How to be a freelance writer?

Writing a content/article sounds easy, but involves many factors that to be the one among the freelance writers.


It is the most important factor, as the employers or the buyers of your content look for a writer who can give a mistake-free and perfect grammar. You must improve your grammar, and the skills to write a user understandable language to get more sales.

Try out tools like Grammarly for error-free output of your content.

Originality and Research

Your article must be unique and not copied from other websites. Do research on the topic given to you before writing. It must be relevant to the topic which has given to you and take care to mention the most important points in your article.

For instance,  the topics are like ” what it is ” ” where we can get” ” what is the use ” and pros and cons, etc.,

Note: Never accept work out of your knowledge, for example, it is very difficult to get valuable content from tech writers about health niche content.

SEO Friendly Content Writing

It will be a plus point if you have the skill to write a Search Engine friendly content, as the demand for it is in peak. Learn how to write an SEO friendly article as it boosts your sales.

Build a Portfolio

Unless you showcase your talent, you will never get opportunities. People tend to approach experienced candidates rather a fresher. Make a blog or guest post some articles which may be useful to impress your buyers showing the quality of your content.

When you get your first task, impress your buyer and ask him to rate and review your work, which boosts your ratings or level and improves your chances to get more bids which leads to a successful journey as a freelancer.

Where To Find Freelancing (Websites List) Market place?

There are many freelancing websites which provide a market place to sell your skills. Try to register in the top freelancing sites and fill your skills and about your work in the profile.

Upwork ( Odesk)





and many others. Start your journey as a content writer from, it may pay you less compared to other websites but it will give you some work experience that can be added to get tasks in major freelancing websites.

As I said earlier freelancing is not only about content writing, there are hundreds of categories where you can find a job/task that matches your skills. For example, a logo designer or a website designer, translator, expert in photoshop, video editing, programming languages, SEO, Digital marketing, and many more. Find a freelancing job online today that suits your skills.

All the best.

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