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How to gain traffic 200% more than 2014 in 2015

I’m not telling about the secrets of SEO and how it increased my CPC earnings, but its about a secret that everyone knows but i’m expecting that most of the webmasters ignored this secret of getting traffic to your website of blog

I’m about to explain how the intelligent bloggers or webmasters gained their traffic by following this Idea in 2015.

Being Social is the Secret to increase your online Earnings.

No SEO, NO Organic Traffic, NO paid traffic, you can even get more than the earnings who follow these techniques.

The secret is being social. My website is a multi topic website , and i can’t follow these tips but if you have a niche website you can make more than you expect.

I get more traffic from my facebook page Employment news this week and twitter kretyanews, even i observed many of my friends online like ashutosh Jhawho gets more than 70-80% of his traffic from Social networking websites.

So, its not the issue of SEO , if you have skills and network in social networking websites, you can make as much earnings through valuable topics than others,not spending much time on the website to rank being google’s top 10 rank for desired keyword.

My suggestion to newbies is that SEO is the best, but if you want instant results, concentrate on SMM ( Social Media Marketing) as the secret of success is ” if your product is not popular, then market it where the people are. ”



Bonus Tip: ” Social media Marketing is just to make your website name popular. so identify where the online netizens exists and make your name. For eg: Rummygame most played game in India online. Play with your website name, you can get familiar with more than 100 players if you play atleast a hour a day .

Being Mobile is the Secret to increase your online Earnings

As we know there is a rapid increase of mobile devices in this decade, and this is the secret that most of the companies are earning and concentrating more on mobile apps and mobile friendly websites these days.

As per 2014 surveys there is a rapid decrease in the usage of desktops, Laptops and there is a double increase in the usage of mobile apps and mobile websites and that is why most of the companies are launching their own apps and mobile friendly websites .

Even companies like flipkart and other eCommerce websites increased their earnings through their apps and mobile websites and even they encourage their users to use their apps and mobile websites by giving more discounts when purchased through their apps or mobile website.

Its the world of mobile. Be the change as the world changes.

Make your website mobile friendly and get more earnings on what you share.

Even my website gets more earnings from mobile users than through the regular desktop and laptop users.

Note: SEO is a time taking process but i prefer it. Because it will gain you traffic for a long period on a single keyword. the above techniques need daily effort but gains you instant traffic.

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