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8 Tips To Boost Productivity On Gmail

Many Gmail users have wanted a major update for a long time. Good news, they can now try the new version of Google’s email client that comes with new features.

In addition to the user interface that has been completely redesigned, new productivity features are coming in, such as smart answers, email reminders, or better integration of the calendar.

Here are 8 Gmail tips to boost your productivity. To try them out, start by activating the new Gmail by clicking on the small gear in the upper right, then on “Try the new Gmail”. You can always go back to the old version if it does not suit you.

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Attachments accessible via the message preview

From now on, you can directly access the attachments of your mails from the preview of the message. To enable this feature, choose the “Default” view when setting up the new version of Gmail.

Snooze & nudge

As you know, it is possible to snooze an alarm clock, that is to say to postpone its reading at a later time. Well, the same thing is now possible with your mails.

Instead of being “unread” in the Inbox, a snooze email will disappear to reappear in the box after the time specified by the user. Some mails that require urgent action can be put forward to stand out from other unread mails.

Confidential mode

This feature is central to the “security” strategy of this new Gmail, and it is very convenient. First, it allows you to send an email with a timeout. Thus, the recipient receives a link to your message, instead of receiving the email directly in text. And you set a delay in reading the message before it is deleted. You can also revoke the recipient’s rights at any time. The other great advantage of this feature is that the recipient does not need a Gmail account to read the email.

Mail access with 2-factor authentication

The new Gmail also allows you to protect an email that you send by double-factor authentication. This means that your recipient can only open the email if he enters a code received by SMS. A good way to make sure he is the only one to access your email.

Advanced Rights Management

Always in the same vein, you can now prevent an email from being copied, transferred, printed or downloaded. The goal is not really to avoid the reproduction of the content (because it’s still text), but rather to avoid typing errors. No more risk of inadvertently clicking the wrong button and causing a disaster!

Suggested answers on the web (Smart Reply)

This feature already exists on the mobile version, Google has now decided to extend it to the desktop version of Gmail. From now on you will be able to use the automatic suggestions to answer your mails more quickly.

The shortcut to Gsuite apps

The new Gmail has a toolbar for direct application access to the Marketplace. It is under the shortcuts to “Agenda”, “Keep” and “Task”. You will see a “+” sign that gives you direct access to the list of applications on the marketplace. There are already “Asana”, “Trello” and soon “Boost My Mail”.

Offline mode

Finally, you now have an offline mode that allows you to access Gmail even when you do not have an Internet connection. Google wants to extend this function to almost all of its services. This offline mode will be fully deployed by June 2018.

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