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Huawei: New legal action against US bans

The Chinese telephone company is asking to cancel the ban on the purchase of its equipment in the United States, signed by Trump, which it considers "unconstitutional".

The Chinese telecom giant announced Wednesday that it had asked a US court to cancel the "tyrannical" ban made to the federal government to buy its equipment.

"This law directly establishes that Huawei is guilty and imposes a lot of burdens on Huawei, with the obvious purpose of driving Huawei out of the US market,"

"The US government has not provided any evidence that Huawei is a threat to security. There is no weapon, no smoke. Only suppositions, "

Song Liuping, the legal officer, told reporters at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, Southern China.

The group filed a complaint in March in Texas, saying the US Congress could never provide evidence to justify the company's "unconstitutional" restrictions. According to Song Liuping, Huawei's request, which is similar to a summons demanding a decision to preserve its rights, was filed on Tuesday American local time.

The announcement comes as the Chinese group, the undisputed world leader in 5G (the fifth generation of mobile networks) is targeted by a new wave of attacks from Washington. The Trump administration has placed Huawei on a list of suspicious companies that are prohibited from selling technological equipment. This threatens the very survival of the company: Huawei largely depends on its phones for components manufactured in the United States.

According to media reports, the Americans Qualcomm and Intel among others, among the largest producers of electronic chips, announced that they would no longer provide the Chinese group, after the end of the period of stay of 90 days granted by the House -Blanche. Huawei is due to hold a press conference on Wednesday at its headquarters in the big metropolis of Shenzhen (southern China), to which several foreign media have been invited.

The group is since 2018 in the viewfinder of Washington. The Trump administration suspects it of allowing Chinese intelligence to use its hardware to spy on mobile communications around the world. The Chinese giant's battle with American justice shows that it is ready to use all the means at its disposal to avoid being excluded from the race for the crucial market of 5G.

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