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Document Sharing Sites List And Its Advantages

Document sharing is an good process to get quality backlink and share it with people. There have many popular document sharing sites are giving access to share documents on their sites. Just for document sharing sites now we feel safe to loose our any important document. On this article, we will give you top document sharing sites list for make backlink, storage and share with all over the world.

Advantages of Document Sharing Sites

  • It help you to make high quality dofollow/nofollow backlink which helps to increase your blog/website authority
  • Document sharing sites offer to save your important file on their sites.
  • No tension to lost any important file.
  • Share your publication through document sharing sites.
  • No need to carry your document wherever you go. It will keep safe on document sharing sites.

How to Upload file on Document Sharing Sites

It is very easy and simple to upload file on document sharing sites. Sign up on your desire site. convert your file on PDF. Now upload your file. It’s complete. So it’s very easy and fun. Upload your file as much you want and make quality backlink for your site.

So, it is clear to us advantages and how to upload file on document sharing sites. Now i will give you high PR document sharing sites list. Here is below list of document sharing sites.

High PR Document Sharing Sites

Below are the list of high authority document sharing websites

#     URL                                MozRank     Moz PA     Alexa      Google PR
1                                 7.41        95.49       494               9
2                    5.65        67.11        1                    8
3                          7.08        94.29        80                 8
4                              6.08        80.98       408               8
5                              7.48        95.06       463                8
7                         5.81        68.27       2,996,364      8
8                                  0             0               597                 7
9                            5.4         58.31        2,515              7
10                           4.86       80.66        4,340             7
11                        0             0               234                6
12                          6.9         90.35         422                6
13                 4.03      51.82         4,045             6
14                      0            0                515                5

I hope this article will help you to find out high pr file sharing sites and it’s benefits

Note : parameters used above are old, those may have changed but still helpful in increasing your domain authority

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