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How To Add Meta tags to blogger posts Individually

How To Add Meta tags to blogger posts Individually 

Adding Meta tags like Meta description and Meta Keywords is the most basic and important part of SEO process to gain higher ranks in search engines.
We can adds these Meta tags on a wordpress platform by using some plugins, whereas coming to a blog from we doesn’t these plugins.
We can add Meta Description , Meta Keywords to the home page only by the following steps.
  1. Go to Template >
  2. Edit Html>
  3. Find </head> tag
  4. and write the following code above the </head> tag
<meta name=”description” content=”write your own description of your home page” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=” Keywords separated by comma” />
<meta name=”author” content=”Your Name” />
Now, these meta tags helps you to get recognized by search engines, but only home page .

To optimize your every post of a blog, each blog must have a meta description. You can add meta description to individual posts by the following process.

Adding Meta Tags to Each Individual Blog Post 

Under your blog dashboard Find the Settings , In the Setting Menu you will find Search Preference >>Click on Edit
>> Write Some Description about 150 characters 
>> Click Yes on Enable Search Description
See the image for clarification
How To Add Meta tags to blogger posts
After Saving these settings, you can find Search Description block in the right side menu for every post you write , 
Adding Meta Description to Individual Blogger Posts to Optimize your blogger posts
Always analyze meta tags through meta tag analyzer, you can find it below

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