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How to Choose a Good Keyword for your Blog Post

How to Choose a Good Keyword for your Blog Post

Selecting Keyword for your blog post :  Keyword research plays an important role in ranking your page or post high on search engines. Choosing a keyword(Primary Keyword) for your website is different from that of a blog post.
Basically, a  primary keyword/keywords are considered at the first stage of your blog creation.  Based on your keyword research and the topic you want to blog on are taken  into consideration and your blog name is created. Case studies say that a keyword in domain name has higher chances of getting ranked high.  For example, if you want to build a website/blog on “job alerts” , choose a domain that have this keyword. Eg:
How to Choose a Good Keyword for your Blog Post

Choosing a keyword for your blog post/page

Now, that you have created your blog with a primary keywords that you have selected, i’e job alerts , every time you can’t write a post on targeting that  keyword . You need some secondary keywords , which are not different but related to your primary.
Ways to choose a keyword for your blog post :
Broadly we can consider two types of ways that we can select a keyword for a blog post
  • Keyword Research based on Competition and traffic
  • Think like a visitor and Choose the best (Long tailed keywords)
Keyword Research Based on Competition and Traffic: 
Use adwords keyword planner tool by typing your desired post topic and find the related phrases which has low competition and a traffic below 6000 .
Or use the best keyword research tools available in market for free or for trial.
Now i am not going into deep about using these tools which takes time (but works effectively) because my main focus is on showing the below way .
Think Like a Visitor and Choose the Best

Now a days , optimizing your blog with the desired keywords is very difficult (but achievable but takes time and not permanent position) due to heavy competition . The concept of “Long tailed keywords” arised due to heavy competition on SEO. 
The basic concept of this is , “when you can’t top a targetable keyword, then top on your own keyword”. I mean to say think like a organic visitor of your post before write your post.
For example, ” keyword research ” is the word on which your article is based. Its very difficult to rank for such keywords, so think about the words in a broader way . Like, your doing research for your blog post right now, so what will you search in the google or yahoo ?  I just searched “How to Choose a Good Keyword for your Blog Post ”   and guess what ? I found no results for this. 
They are many long tailed phrases that have no competition at all or no article was written targeting those phrases. 
If you neglect the thought of traffic for such phrases at present, you may get handsome traffic in future as the user everytime enters a different type of phrase and never know that matches yours.
Keeping blogging. Have Fun.
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