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How to Earn From Facebook | Facebook Marketing Earn Online

How to Earn From Facebook | Facebook Marketing Earn Online

Your Hobby can earn you lots of bucks if you build some audience on your favorite social media network. Yes , Now a days Social media has became the biggest Marketing place targeting the netizens . For instance, comedy facebook page known as Rajnikanth v/s cid jokes got millions of traffic in just a few minutes of launching, even their website was hanged out due to heavy traffic on the launch itself. Now their website ranks in around 3000 in India. And 95% of the traffic it gets from its facebook page itself

Now how can you earn from a Facebook Page or Group ?

How to earn from facebook, Earn from facebook

Create a Niche(Unique) and interesting page Page or group about a topic that you are interested. For eg: Unknown Facts of India ; or Jokes or any collections of images or anything. Keep on posting everyday and build audience. You will get audience or likes if n only if your post is interesting, so keep it in mind while posting. After Couple of months, your page may reach a mile stone of 1 lakh + likes or audience or may be higher. Now , at this point you get the power to earn. If you post a message or link on your page , it will be seen by 1 lakh+ viewers, and that site may get as many visitors as you have. So you may contact website owners or they may contact you and pay lots of money for single post. Remember Rome was not built in a day; Hard work and unique Ideas always works but takes time .

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