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How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

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how to get https certificate for wordpress

What is SSL?

The secure socket layer is the full name of SSL. And a protocol is needed to transfer data on the Internet. Which is called SSL.

Do you know that Netscape created encryption technology in the 1990s?

SSL has two keys. One public key and another private key. Public key sender and Receiver both know. Whenever the private key is known only by the receiver.

When the user goes to any website, then he shares some of his personal information and data with the website.

If that website is in HTTP Protocol, then your data is stolen by hackers. You need SSL and HTTPS to secure it.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is CDN ( Content Delivery Network ). Did you know there is a 60% increase in page load speeds for WordPress websites using Cloudflare?

Due to Cloudflare, the speed and performance of your site will be better than before. Cloudflare CDN’s work is to make the website and blog data available from the data center located near the visitor through the global CDN as per your visitor’s request.

For example, if a blog has used Cloudflare CDN, and the hosting server of that blog is in India. But if an Italian visitor wants to browse this blog, Cloudflare CDN will make that website’s data available to the visitor through its Italian data center, which will lead to the fast loading of your website.

What is the benefit of using a Cloudflare SSL certificate!

  • Easy to use.
  • Improve your website security.
  • Increase website speed.
  • Free and Premium SSL certificate.
  • Optimize your website

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate?

Create Account at Cloudflare

First of all, you have to create your account in Cloudflare. For that, you have to click on the option with sign up. I already have an account with Cloudflare here. Therefore, I will login directly.

Add Your Blog/Website to Cloudflare

how to create free ssl certificate

After creating your account on Cloudflare, you have to add your blog or your website here. You will be seeing it in the photo above.
Now click on add site and go to the next page.
After clicking on the add site, you get the option to choose 4 plans here. Here we are creating an SSL certificate for free, so we will click on the free option and proceed.

Review your DNS Records

Now next (Review your DNS records), such a page has been opened. Now here, you do not have to do anything in the settings and click on Continue and move to the next page.

Change the Nameservers at your hosting provider

Now you have to change the settings carefully here. Don’t worry, Take a break!
First of all, you have to log in to your hosting provider company’s account. Here is my case my hosting is on GoDaddy. Therefore, the dashboard you see on the right side will look like this.
If your hosting provider is someone another, then you will be able to go to the DNS Management and change the nameservers. If you still have a problem, then you can change the nameservers by contacting your hosting provider.
I have changed my nameserver at GoDaddy here. Now after that, you have to click on done check nameservers and go to the next page.

Install a Plugin

Now such a page will be opened on your screen Setup Security and Configurations for Your Website.
Now, you do not have to make any changes here. You have to log in to your WordPress and download a plugin Flexible SSL.
If you change the settings without downloading this plugin then you may face a lot of problems. For this, first, activate this plugin.

Now, Back on your Cloudflare Account.
Now the way you see the photo above. Like that, change the setting and click on done. Here you have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
And after that, you can see that kind of greeting message in the photo below.
You can check once by refreshing by visiting your website. Now HTTPS will be visible from your website HTTP.

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