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How To Setup Custom Domain Name To Blogger Through Bigrock

How To Setup Custom Domain Name To Blogger Through Bigrock

As a startup to your blogging career or freelancing in web designing and SEO career most of the newbie choose wordpress or or as their platform for blogging.
You can create a blog on these websites for free and you can practice or experiment on your SEO and Web-designing knowledge.
These come with extension Eg: or
Choosing a niche topic and continuing a good and long posts or articles on the same niche topic that you choose to maintain that blog is a great tip for success in blogging .
For Example if you choose to write articles on reseller hosting tips, keep posting on reseller hosting , but never mess up the things by posting irrelevant posts or articles.
Upto now its ok for a newbie. But if you want a professional look for your website it must have a custom domain and not a free domain.
Custom domain is like and a free domain looks like
Getting a custom domain is much cheaper if you want that blog hosted on and not self hosted website.
You can get a domain name starting from Rs.229* in additional you get 10% discount if you go through the below link.

how to setup custom domain name to blogger through bigrock

How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Bigrock

After purchasing a domain name , here are the steps involved to add your custom domain to your blog in
First of all login bigrock, there you find list of orders. Find your domain name that you want to add to blogger and click on it.

After clicking on your domain name , you find many services that are provided by bigrock. Find DNS Management and Click on it.

Now open in another tab, go to settings–>basic , there you find custom domain link click on it and enter the domain name with “www” that you want to add and click on save.

It will give you two CNAMES and their Destinations. Here in Bigrock the “Name, Label, or Host field” is denoted as “Host Name” and “Destination, Target, or Points To field” is denoted as “Value”

Name, Label, or Host fieldDestination, Target, or Points To field

Now , don’t close this window, go to the bigrock dns management settings window which was opened earlier
Enter these Host name and value in cname records one by one as shown below and save them.

CNAME Record www is added, like wise add the second record that you got.

Above A record was added with IP Similarly enter the other A records with IP’s and 216.239.36 .21 and

Thats it,

Check list

  • Enter Custom Domain Name in Blogger Settings
  • It gives Host Name and values; Enter these two CNAME Records in DNS Management of Bigrock
  • Add Four A Records with the above mentioned
  • Take a deep breathe and come to blogger and save it.

If shows error while saving , wait for five minutes so that the records get updated then save it.
These are the four simple steps to add custom domain to blogger if you buy domain name at bigrock.

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