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Trump Says : America wants People to come to this Country but Legitimately.

American President Donald Trump, while defending the US's international border and preventing illegal entry of people, said that he wants that only qualified people come to the country.

Trump has withdrawn the controversial policy of separating the family from the children at the beginning of this week with strict criticism. They met the families of the civilians killed by people living illegally in the White House . During this, Trump said that his government's first duty and big loyalty were to the people of America.

Trump said these families, known as 'Angel Family', that we want people to come to our country, and not those people who put other countries in the dumpster and come here.

He said, 'Do you think that he is going to keep his good people here? He is not going to keep his good people, but bad people, and when he commits the crime, we are amazed. We will not be restless till our limits are protected. We will ultimately end the immigration crisis for everyone at once. Trump said that America wants people to come to this country but legitimately.

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