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How To Increase Your Youtube Subscribers In a Week or Month

As you know Youtube is among the top most visited websites and second largest search engine after google. And now a days people prefer to listen and see the information they need than to read on blogs.  That is the reason most of the bloggers turning to Youtubers. But in a quest to earn more in less time people using tricks which you can see on Youtube India trending page.

I'm not saying to follow those tricks which are temporary and may give a break to be a successful Youtuber.

If you wanna be a successful Youtuber just follow the steps below.


Choose an Unique Topic

Well everyone wants to be a Technical Guruji or Geeky Ranjith or Carryminnati or Palat Theri Dhyaan Kidhar Hein or My Smart Support or  atleast a KRK (Kamaal R Khan), well i'm not joking he is as good as Dhinchak Pooja where people are attracted to see even though they are irritating.... Everyone has there own talent and unique way of presentation.... If you see Nazar Battu  they used their local language as their point of attraction. Choose an Unique topic which can prove your audience that your channel is entertaining or informative.

Informative or Entertaining Videos

As said above, people are attracted to the informative videos that they never heard of or entertaining videos which they can found in few minutes of your video. A click bait works for only few videos trying different and attractive thumbnails and videos. But wait a ban is always under surveillance . My suggestion is try to gather information and present in your local language and target your local audience.

Keep Communication with your subscribers

Always respond to your audience comments , whether it is positive or negative. Videos with more interaction will get more exposure on Youtube than without comments. And try to promote on your social media networks like Facebook , twitter  and Google plus with proper hash tags.


Encourage your subscribers to be with you

If all the above steps are going well and you are gradually getting subscribers and views , do encourage your audience with Giveaways . Checkout Channels like TG Films Commentally Challenged  or Sharmaji Technical


If nothing above works just use this secret formula to get few hundreds to thousands of subscribers.

I don't recommend this for hardworking Youtubers, but still if you are not getting more subscribers after all the hardwork you have done, then you can try this trick to gain few hundreds to thousands subscribers in a week or a month.

I may not guarantee this formula works or not , but even Youtube gives you three Chances before getting ban.

Use it on your own risk

  • First make your Subscribers Hide going to your Youtube Settings
  • Search for the latest trailer on Youtube
  • Change the filter to a week or day
  • Download the video using online Downloader
  • Use Movie Maker on windows, Use Title screen before and after video mentioning Subscribe to our channel to get more videos
  • Save it on the movie title and upload the video and use optimized title and description and tags.
  • Use an attractive thumbnail of the trailer or photoshop it .
  • publish the video with monetization or without. and share it on social network.
  • If your luck supports you ,  the video get monetized views  about a thousand or couple , but after some time a "Copyright Strike" comes which states "Viewing Restrictions - None ; Monetized by Claimant".
  • Who wants monetization, we need subscribers, Keep most attractive videos in Endscreen and a subscribe button. Indian movies need promotion and we are providing it. In returning we gain few subscribers.
  • Warning : Try only once, and Use it on your own risk.


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