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International Yoga Day – Best Apps and Websites to Learn Yoga

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international yoga day

Best Apps and Websites to Learn Yoga -International Yoga Day

Yoga a practice that discovers the sense of oneness within yourself, an ancient tradition that represents the unity of body and mind; a physical exercise with the spiritual and meditative core.

On 21st June 2014, United Nations General Assembly has announced the day to celebrate as International Yoga Day, and Shri Narendra Modi Ji announced this year to make it bigger and spread the awareness and importance of Yoga all over the world.

Though it is recommended to learn from the guru in your region for full-fledged practice and knowledge, you can also learn it from many resources which are available on the internet which are well explained with pictures and videos and the courses are divided into stages like basic, intermediate and advanced in many. Here is the collection of few android applications and website resources where you can learn yoga.

Android Apps to Learn Yoga – International Yoga Day

Daily Yoga Fitness on the Go – Android App for Yoga

Name of the App: Daily Yoga Fitness on the Go

Operating System Required: Android

This app is available at google play store, an app that offers the course of yoga at different levels and approx has 400 Yoga Aasans you can learn through this app.

Features :

  • HD Videos
  • Voice Over

This Android app has Free and Premium membership, where you have to pay for some premium sessions.

You will see sessions on the menu like Office Yoga too? De-stress, Yoga for better sleep, Sun Salutation, Super Weight loss plan, and many more, select the type of session you need and download the video and learn.

Download link : Click Here

Yoga For All – Android App for Yoga

Name of the post: Yoga for all

Operating system: Android

Yoga for all is another useful android app where you can learn yoga asanas. If you need answers for the questions like which yoga asana used for which part of body health? and which yoga asanas cures which diseases?, you need to install this app.

When you install it, it shows the menu “Explore Asanas” where you find asanas according to the disease, which is helpful to cure or prevention i’e? you can find the list of Blood pressure, Aasthama, Overweight, and others, and when you click on those, the related information is displayed.

According to your knowledge of yoga, the course is divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced stages. You can download the application from the google play store or using the following link.

Download Link: Click Here

You can also find many other applications of play store here are some names

  • Surya Namaskar Yoga poses
  • Art of living
  • Meditation Music (For peaceful music used while doing yoga)
  • Isha Kriya
  • Mudra world
  • and Ramdev Yoga
  • 7 minutes yoga for beginners and many more…

Youtube Channels to Learn Yoga – International Yoga Day

Besides the Apps where you can learn yoga on the go, there are also youtube channels where we can learn yoga.

Either you can see it through the youtube app on the smartphone or on in Laptop or PC. Below mentioned are few Youtube Channels where you can learn Yoga.

Useful Websites to learn Yoga – International Yoga Day

Here is the list of some websites where you can get the total information on yoga and where you can learn it from the yoga gurus and experts.

  • ?- Baba Ramdev
  • and many more…

Note: You can do some asanas watching videos, but some may need expert supervision. If you are completely new to it, it is suggested to learn from the gurus or yoga centers personally.

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