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Mark Zuckerberg says on his Facebook page

That , they aretaking the next step with by enabling anyone to build free basic internet services to help connect the world. They will make faster progress towards connecting everyone if we all work together and give people even greater choice of services.

He says giving people these free services is the right thing to do.

Zuck supports net neutrality because, at its core, it’s about preventing discrimination. Net neutrality means we can use the services we want, and innovators can build the services we need.

Connecting everyone is about preventing discrimination too. More than 4 billion people don’t have access to the internet and the opportunities it brings. If we connect them, we’ll lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.

If we want everyone to share the opportunities we have, then it’s our responsibility to bring everyone online in a way that respects an inclusive net neutrality.

He says – We’re going to support HTTPS and SSL. We still need to do some work to make this work on all phones and browsers — so that’s why our docs say it’s not currently available but we’re going to make this happen soon.


The video below explains how does this works and what he wants to do. Open Platform for developers – Net Neutrality Zuck Explanation Video


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