Is SEO Dead ? or It will Soon ? Found Symptoms

Is SEO Dead ? or It will Soon ? Found Symptoms

When I was Searching for something and I found a strange behavior in search engine.

I am a blogger not a problogger ; just ran a website with sharing information about employment notifications and results whatever i found interesting.

IS SEO Dead changes in Search Engine results
IS SEO Dead changes in Search Engine results

Though i have an interest in Search Engine Optimization and Social media marketing and other Online marketing skills i never started a separate blog, and i even know you have to maintain a niche site….

But I share the things what i learnt, because i have only one site to share .

From a few months after i resigned a private job, i’m eagerly in search of doing something big online,  I started from the basics like paid to click , paid to signup , paid to surveys and all those thing, (already done these kind of things back in  2008, but left because of other duties)

But recently , when i tried to earn online, and searched “How to earn Online ” on google search engine, it gave me strange results . In a search of keyword to rank first , but to my wonder , what i have seen shocked me and i went into a dilemma.

See the results below.

Is seo Dead
Is seo Dead

The above is the result of my keyword searched on google and it covers more than 20% of the results page and a sponsored link below it. Obviously, every one prefer that page only. I’m still in a shock,didn’t believed my eyes and tried another keyword . This time ” How to lose weight” guess what i got in search results…

Is SEO DEAD how to lose weight keyword
how to lose weight keyword


So i confirmed that its difficult to get top in search engines especially on google.


Reconsidered my search and again a thought striked my mind .. is these results are just for “How to Keywords”?

Searched for “Tips to ”  found the same old results.

But when i Searched for ” easy ways to lose weight”  Got same shocking result. and not the same when searched ” Easy ways to Earn online”

These results confused to me.

I kept on experimenting on some phrases.

Didn’t got a conclusion.

Is google selling these phrases on adwords and is it a change in adwords ? or SEO?

If so , its impossible to rank top on these phrases on google.  What happens , if google sells all the important phrases like this ?

Long tailed keyword practice is the only option?


Are you a SEO Expert , then please clarify these in comments please, so that newbies can get some information on it.





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  1. Hi there, I simply think it goes for latest Google answer box. Don’t know where is the problem. Google takes best explanation from knowloedge graph and all the content and show the best results.

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