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Johann Sebastian Bach Google Doodle: Google’s First AI-powered Doodle, Now You Can Make Your Choice Tune

Google today created the first Artificial Intelligence-Powered Doodle with German composer Sebastian Bach. According to the old Julian calendar, musician Johann Sebastian Bach played this Al-powered harmony on March 21, 1685. The special thing is that with this doodle, you can also make your favorite tune in Sebastian Bach's style.

For this, press the button on the left side of the doodle and make your tune in the signature music style of Sebastian Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach is from the music family of the German city of Eisenach. His father was a great musician in the city who used to play many musical instruments. At the same time, the batch's older brother was also a musician.

Johann Sebastian Bach knew not only to play Harmony but to repair them.

This invention of Johann Sebastian Bach came into the 19th century when people heard the music of this four-part harmony.

Let's say this Google Doodle is created with the help of Google Magda and Google Payer team. This is the first such doodle in which users can create their own tunes. For this, the Google team has put 306 Bach chorale harmonifications in this model.

Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?

Born on March 31, 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach was a well-known musician of the Baroque era. Both of Johann Sebastian Bach's parents died at the age of 10. At the beginning of 1700, they used to sing the church. His voice was very sweet, due to which he received the scholarship at St. Michel School. Not only that, listening to Bach's voice, Crown Prince of Sweden was so happy that he gave his diamond ring in the gift. In 1707, he became an organist. He sang for kings and churches only.

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