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Kundali GPT: AI-Powered Chatbot Offers Personalized Astrological Readings and Horoscope Insights

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An NIT alumnus, Raj Sutariya, has introduced Kundali GPT, a novel AI-powered chatbot offering personalized astrological readings and horoscope insights.

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized numerous aspects of our lives, spanning various fields like coding, academics, and even cooking. Now, the reach of Generative AI extends to the realm of astrology, with AI assuming the role of an astrologer, providing people with a glimpse into their future and aiding in the comprehension of their horoscopes.

Kundali GPT, a website developed by Raj Sutariya, utilizes AI to deliver tailored astrological readings and address user queries based on their Kundli, thereby assisting individuals in gaining insights into their horoscopes and future prospects.

According to the company, the AI-powered chatbot offers concise Kundali readings and can identify negative influences, providing suitable remedies. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into potential health issues and financial guidance based on planetary positions, employing advanced AI technology for precise responses. Essentially, the AI chatbot mirrors the services of a traditional astrologer, offering a brief Kundali reading.

The Kundli GPT AI is particularly beneficial in the career and professional realm, providing insights into potential opportunities and challenges based on planetary positions in the Kundli. Moreover, it assists with marriage and family life predictions, offering advice on navigating obstacles and amplifying positive influences.

The company emphasizes that Kundali GPT is an experimental tool and not intended for commercial purposes. The information provided by the chatbot is solely for general information.

To access the Kundali GPT AI chatbot and make inquiries, users can visit the website at The chatbot currently supports around 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, among others. To receive personalized astrological readings, users are prompted to provide additional details like their name, birth date, and location for improved predictions. Once all necessary details are provided, users can inquire about various aspects of life, such as studies and love life.

It’s worth noting that due to heavy traffic, the website may occasionally request users to join a waitlist via email.

Alongside Kundali GPT, other prominent companies like YouTube and LinkedIn have also announced AI-powered assistance on their platforms. LinkedIn is reportedly testing Microsoft’s AI art generator to aid users in drafting and sharing posts. Apple is not lagging behind either and is actively developing its AI chatbot named “Apple GPT” in response to Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and ChatGPT, as AI becomes a priority for the company amid increasing competition.

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