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How to Manage My Computer’s Security System!

Our computer contains everything about our life. Right from our Business documents to our Facebook & Twitter Social Life. Having an insecure computer can risk your important data in the wrong hands and thus lead to some unwanted situations. Having your Facebook account compromised or Loosing out money just because some anonymous person knows your Banking credential might become the reason for a light heart Attack! (Depending on the Situation :P) You must secure your computer with the best protection levels to avoid these cyber crimes from attacking you!

How to Manage My Computer’s Security System!

Securing Your Computer does not mean avoiding USB devices, rarely using internet or avoiding connecting external devices to the computer. It simply means taking the perfect measures to avoid the entry of a virus or similar pathogen into our system.
We will Discuss the Best ways to have the best Security on your PC without paying a penny (Optional!)
Read the Following Tips on securing your Computer such that it doesn’t affect your computer’s Performance!

Install an AntiVirus

AntiVirus are softwares that scan your computer and peripherals to detect unwanted, malicious files that can damage your computer and then removing them entirely from the system. An Antivirus, imho, is the first software that should be installed on your computer. You should regularly update your Antivirus to prevent new viruses and trojan from infecting your system! You can use a free antivirus like Avast Security and if you are ready to spend some bucks on your computer’s safety, you can go for paid antivirus like Kaspersky or Bitdefender!

Install a Malware Detector

Remove Malwares and other Spywares from your computer that can simply share you private, personal files with the attacker. You just need to install the best Malware Detectors to find out these spywares or malwares and increase the safety of your PC. Most antivirus automatically detect these infections but sometimes its better to have a fully equipped tool to manage a certain kind of infection! Use Spybot Search and Destroy free software to protect your computer from malwares!

Install a Fast and Safe Browser

You must be using the Internet a lot and most of the times we prefer using other browsers instead of Internet Explorer(upgrade to Microsoft edge). Just make sure you are using a safe and secure browser that isn’t just collecting your cookies for someone else. The best Browsers these days are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

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