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Microsoft warns users: support for Windows 7 is about to end.

Microsoft has released a security update warning users that support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Here’s what to do.

On January 14, 2020, will end support for Windows 7 from Microsoft. This is certainly not a novelty: for several months the Redmond company has made the official announcement and is pushing for users and companies to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10, the latest release of the operating system.

These days the communication activity by Microsoft is increasing and has released a security update in which it warns users that support for Windows 7 is about to end: less than 300 days are left. In the message that appears to the users, Microsoft also offers its help to back up the files and prepare the PC for updating the operating system. Support for Windows 7 ends ten years after the release of the OS, which still has a 40% market share, according to the latest StatCounter data. Within this 40%, there are many companies that in recent years have not wanted to update their computers for fear of losing important information or for lack of support for Windows 10 to specific programs.

Microsoft Windows 7 will be charged

From April 18, 2019, Windows 7 users will receive warnings every day that will remind them that support for the operating system is about to end. Microsoft hopes that this strategy will convince them to make the switch to Windows 10, an OS that offers many more features, but above all has more advanced security systems. Especially for companies, it is important that their data is protected and safe.

For reticent companies that do not want to upgrade their PCs, Microsoft has provided a fee for a further three years (up to 2023). The company pays an annual subscription and receives support for security patches. The cost of the subscription should increase over the years. According to rumors released in recent months, the cost of subscribing to Windows 7 Extended Security Updates will be $ 25 for the first year, $ 50 for the second year will go to $ 50. For those who still want to continue using Windows 7 from January 2022 to January 2023, the subscription price will rise to $ 100 per device. A decidedly high price.

Microsoft wants to make it more convenient for companies to upgrade their computers to Windows 10, rather than continuing to pay for their Windows 7 subscription. We’ll see if companies and users decide in the coming months to switch to Windows 10.

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