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NASA Launches Insight Spacecraft to Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has launched a much-awaited latest Mars Lander 'Insight', which is designed to land on the surface of the red planet and to record the "Earthquakes on Mars". The spacecraft was to be launched from Atlas V. Rocket at 4:05 am on the Pacific Time from the Vandenburg air force base in California.

The fog was the only concern before launch. NASA security officials told that the visibility obligation was probably over, so the process of the launch was started. It is worth mentioning that the purpose of this $ 99.3-million project is to find out the conditions on Mars. There, to send the inventors and to find out how billions of years ago, there is a rocky planet like Earth. According to the plan, if everything goes well, then it should start working on the Lander Red Planet until November 26.

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