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Actor Tarun had played hero’s role in a Tamil film Punnagai Desam produced by Super Good Films. As the story had many chances to suit the Telugu nativity, Mega Super Good Films has brought out the film in Telugu as Nava Vasantham. The film has nothing new to talk about, as it was a mix of several subjects that were already appeared on the same banner. Especially, it had many similarities to the Venkatesh-Soundarya starrer ‘Raja’ and it is very much visible during the climax. Though Tarun had kept high hopes on his re-entry with the film, absence of a gripping story, might prove costly for the success of the flick.

There is a boy called Ganesh (Tarun). He loves his sister-in-law Ammu @ Anjali (Priyamani), daughter of his maternal uncle. Following his mother’s (Sudha) death, he goes to their place only to find that his uncle wants to keep him off as he is poor. He accidentally meets his friends Prasad (Akash), Raja (Rohit) and Vijay (Sunil) who are staying in a room and joins them. Of them, Prasad wants to become a collector, while Raja has an ambition to become a singer, while Vijay planned to become a good mimicry artist and enter the Guinness Book of Records. However, they have no money to achieve their goals. So Ganesh decides to help them and sells off the gold chain given by his mother, which he is supposed to give it to Ammu. He starts a petty hotel business in self-employment. He decides to help his friends to achieve their respective targets. Meanwhile, Priya (Ankitha), daughter of a millionaire, falls in love with Prasad, but he ignores saying that his target is important for him. However, with the advice of Ganesh, Prasad accepts the love of Priya. At this juncture, Anjali also meets Ganesh and loses her heart to him. At one stage, Ganesh sacrifices the hotel also for the sake of friends. All his sacrifices do not go waste and his friends become very famous in no time. They go abroad for giving performance and return to India. The family members of Prasad, Raja and Vijay come to city to receive them and the city elders arrange a grand felicitation function. Though the trio first claim that their family members are behind their success, they immediately reveal that the real person, who is responsible for their success is their friend Ganesh. They also appeal to Ammu by showing her childhood photo to come and join their friend Ganesh. Incidentally, Anjali learns that he is his Ammu and joins Ganesh and the film ends with a happy note.


Tarun, who has the lover-boy image so far sheds that and played a sympathetic character. However, he did that role with ease. However, the audiences will get the opportunity to watch several films (mixture of subjects of different films) and several heroes (Rohit, Akash and Sunil) with one ticket. Priyamani is gorgeous and looked a perfect combination for Tarun. Both Tarun and Priyamani showed good ease in performance as well as in dances. Though Ankitha’s role is relative small, her character helps the union of hero and heroine. But for the comedy by Sunil, there is not much to talk about the plus points in the movie.


Story in itself is a big minus point for the flick. Unfortunately, all the films made on the banner of Super Good Films will have similar subjects and there is no variety in it. Be it Pudu Vasantham in Tamil, ‘Raja’ in Telugu. You can find the hero sacrificing his life for the sake of some others. Though all the artists try to give the best of their performance, the weak storyline turned a draw back. Music by SA Rajkumar is another disaster. Neither the songs nor the background score were impressive. Camera work by Saresh Murari is just okay.


Tamil director Shahjahan made his debut into Telugu films. His first project had made his job easy as he had already directed Punnagai Desam the original of this movie again with Tarun as hero. However, he forgot petty things as the present generation is not looking for such old, sacrificing and message-oriented subjects and there is no one to sacrifice his life for the sake of others in this selfish society. There will be no takers for such formula subjects. But one thing is sure that the audience do not feel bore, though they will have the feeling of watching similar scenes earlier, because of the smooth narration and good comedy provided by Sunil. As a whole, it is just a time pass film and even if you miss it, you need not feel bad.

Cast: Tarun, Rohit, Akash, Sunil, Priyamani, Ankitha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani, Jeeva, Ahuti Prasad, Babu Mohan, Mallikarjuna Rao, Brahmanandam, AVS, LB Sriram, Devisri, Telangana Shakuntala, Sudha, Sana and others.

Credits: Dialogues – Rajendra Prasad, Lyrics – Chandrabose, ES Murthy, Ananta Sriram, Music– SA Rajkumar, Camera – Sarvesh Murari, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Presents – RB Choudary, Producers – NV Prasad and Paras Jain, Story, screenplay and direction – Shahjahan.

Banner: Mega Super Good Films

Released on: November 9, 2007

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