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New Adsense Performance report User Interface

New Adsense Performance report  User Interface

Google Adsense has a new change in its interface. Checkout the performance report of your adsense account.

To view the new interface you have to Opt in the new features that will pop up when you click on performance reports.

Let us look at the new features added .

adsense reports

Now you can generate your performance data through various dimensions. Like Days , Country wise performance reports or ad unitwise. or product wise like adsense for content or search etc.

adsense performance reports filters

You can generate your adsense performance report using filters. This is an awesome change that adsense had made. It gives you detailed reports of earning through Bid Types, products, countries and other various dimensions. Now you can estimate and analyse each and every factor that making money for you ,which can helpful in your future optimizations.

You will also find reports based on metrics like Clicks,  Views ,Active Views and Engagements .


adsense reports save


Now you can save your daily or weekly or any reports  , which are saved in reports and can be useful in future for analysis purpose.

Overall the new look is pretty good and helps the adsense users for better analysis .

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