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No More Nokia Lumia Call me Microsoft Lumia

No More Nokia  Say Welcome to Microsoft Lumia

Yes you heard it right,  Microsoft is changing the Nokia Lumia  name, as it is now branded as ” Microsoft Lumia ” and the news is confirmed from a renowned website theverge .
After acquiring the Nokia company, Microsoft seems to have started slowly branding its own name in this field. Recently the ” Nokia’s Windows Phone apps” has been  changed “Lumia”  and now this announcement of changing “Nokia Lumia” to “Microsoft Lumia”
Dropping the name Nokia doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t exists no more,  it will be a separate company and will work on mapping and network infrastructure field. 
Never Know what impact does it bring on the sales of the mobiles, but now its been trending in all social networks and search engines  and  even bloggers and webmasters are very busy in finding domain names or blog names with this word ” Microsoft Lumia” :p
This news was also confirmed by Nokia France on the social network posting ” You will soon receive an update of name change in the FB page  and they announced it as” Microsoft Lumia”
source : theverge

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