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Its Time For Change : Time Zone of North Korea Unified With South Korea

North Korea introduces its changed attitude, keeping the time of its clocks half-hour forward and joining the time zone of South Korea. The official media of North Korea has given this information.

North Korea has taken this step after the summit between the two Korean countries last week.

North Korea’s official News Agency The Korean Central News Agency KCNA said, “It is the first practical step to re-determining time after the historic north-south summit so that the process of unifying North and South can be expedited.”

After the historic Korean summit in April, North Korea decided to further extend its clock by 30 minutes ahead of Saturday to join South Korea’s Time Zone to further strengthen mutual relations.

From year 2015, the time zone of the two countries was separated. At that time, North Korea made its standard time 30 minutes behind South Korea. In a meeting held in Pyongyang, North Korea, North Korea decided to return to the old Time Zone.

KCNA had told that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un had promised to return to their old time zone during the historic talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

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