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Proof that Messi in Russia is more popular than Ronaldo.

Such an invasion of the disagreeable football audience the ancient Bronnitsy never experienced. On Monday morning, quiet streets of a nice provincial town were flooded with people in azure-white T-shirts of Argentina and blue garnet - "Barcelona".

Approximately at each first of them on the back flaunted a dozen and the world-famous surname of five letters. The people went massively "to Messi."

Most Bronnitsy guests had to brake on the first cordon - about a kilometer from the training center. In the hope of a miracle, people crowded around the barriers, and some it was - in the guise of a merciful volunteer with a fist in his fist. They fell only to children - adult "free riders" were less fortunate.

Colleagues who had worked in Kratovo the day before, painted the excitement in colors, accompanied by the "exit to the people" Cristiano Ronaldo. But even they came in amazement from the Bronnitsy boom.

This dispute, in absentia for popularity, the Argentinean won the rival No.1 for a clear advantage. After two checkpoints, journalists were waiting for a third, for many - irresistible. Some here and finished, who is quiet, who are loudly cursing.
The volunteers only helplessly planted their hands: "Sorry, we can not help you in any way".

Fifa 2018 Russia

The press attaché of the team of Argentina, who initially and "reaped" the reporters, could help. But, apparently, did not calculate the scale of the "disaster". With the beginning of the training session, he simply stopped showing up because of the gate - to avoid bickering with his furious colleagues. And perhaps, and assault.

It was not possible to quickly resolve the problem with the help of the organizing committee of the World Cup 2018: the headquarters of the "albiseleste" is not under its control and independently establishes the rules for living and visiting the team.
Mini-stadium near Moscow base trite did not accommodate everyone who wants to look at the live legend of world football at least glance.

The only tribune for five hundred people was crammed to the eyeballs. Only 200 journalists, following their national team, arrived in Russia. It's no wonder that melodious Spanish speech prevailed around.

The stars under the gunshot of dozens of cameras were not very zealous. The fool, of course, did not wallow, but he did not live either.

In the movements and gestures of the Argentines, it was felt that the favorites were imposing - these guys are not accustomed to the increased attention to themselves. Outsiders did not bother them, and the cloudless sky contributed to peace

The atmosphere in the training was quite chambered. The audience respectfully kept quiet, watching how the masters treated the ball. The audience revived during the bilateral, accompanied by a round of applause each accurate shot at the goal.

Messi not only approached the crowd but for 10 minutes patiently signed on what will happen - those most scarce tickets, T-shirts, balls. To make happy all genius with all the desire could not - for this he would have to stay at the field for several hours.

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