For years, Sony the Japanese, with its Playstation, and Microsoft the American, with the Xbox, have been fighting a frontal console battle, releasing their machines more often than not on the same dates. The current generation of machines, the PS4 and the Xbox One, has consecrated Sony’s dominance in the market without question in terms of sales.

It’s still a well-kept secret, but over the months the PS5 is gradually revealed. While the PS4 has been flying console sales since 2013, with a total of 108.9 million copies sold at the end of 2019, Sony is actively preparing the release of its future console for the end of the year.

If no date, nor any marketing price have been advanced, the launch period communicated by Sony speaks of Christmas 2020, with high probabilities to see the new machine coming out in November, the PS4 having been launched, as a reminder, end November 2013 and PS3 in November 2006.

On the other hand, Microsoft, all qualities of its machines aside, has got into the habit of doing well in the field of controllers. Very ergonomic, with an original placement of directional sticks that allow you to direct characters or vehicles in games, Xbox controllers are a benchmark in the field, being even often adopted by PC players. This certainly does not detract from the qualities of the Playstation controller, called DualShock, but put some pressure on Sony at the time of announcing its new avant-garde machine whose release is scheduled for Christmas, in a strategy of communication once again with the American competitor. Which also prepares, for the end of the year, the arrival of its Xbox Series X.

Sony has formalized the arrival of a new completely redesigned controller: the DualSense. A decision breaking with the brand that had inducted its DualShock controllers in 1997 for its PlayStation console, a name that has followed since the different generations of Sony consoles.

Its appearance is more rounded than the DualShock 4 of the current Playstation, while faithfully reproducing most of the elements of the controller: the four cross, square, round and triangle keys, the symmetrical directional sticks, and even the touchpad on the part superior, whose functions have however been almost neglected by most game developers to keep only the appearance of one more clickable button.

“The new PS5 controller presents two important innovations,” said Jim Ryan president of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The first is to reinvent the traditional vibration function of the original PlayStation and older game controllers, adopting haptic technology. By adopting this, you may experience a greater variety of reactions. For example, feeling a car hit a wall during a race can be very different from facing an opponent in a game of football. ”

On the other hand, it is in the functions announced, perhaps not exhaustive, that the Playstation controller intends to pull out its pin of the game, within particular triggers, these keys placed under the indexes on the upper part of the object, which would be greatly improved. We mention here, as previously announced, the haptic feedback, which would strengthen the immersion of the player by touch. In short, these triggers would allow you to feel under the finger the recoil when you shoot a ball, the mud or the rocks under the tires when you drive a racing car or even the effort when you stretch a rope. bow. A long-awaited little revolution.

“The second innovation is the evolution of the L2 and R2 buttons called adaptive triggers, which have been redesigned this time. Game developers will be able to program trigger resistance based on player actions. In combination with haptic technology, more realistic actions can be reproduced like never before, ”says one. 

For example, it will be possible to feel the sensation of tightening an arc strongly or accelerating with an all-terrain vehicle on rocky terrain in a more concrete way.

The Share button of the DualShock 4 on PS4 is now replaced by the Create button, which should allow you to share the content of its parts in a new way. But this point remains to detail since Sony has not yet said everything about the DualSense. Finally, the presence of microphones suggests the possibility of interacting directly with other players during an online game, without necessarily going through a helmet.

As for Microsoft and its Xbox Series X, Sony does not intend to leave the players, who have created a precious game library on PS4, at the bottom of the road. The PS5 will, therefore, be backward compatible with the PS4 and should even allow crossplay between the two machines. Clearly, a PS4 player could face a PS5 gamer online in the same game.

“Generation gaps are a recurring problem for players who switch platforms, or simply stop playing; If the PS5 avoids this gap by letting players play together regardless of their generation of machine, then I imagine they will be more likely to stay at PlayStation, “said Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation.

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