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PUBG Mobile: How to Get Free Skins in 2020? Try these methods

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how to get pubg mobile free skins 2020

The craze of multiplayer games in lockdown has increased rapidly and PUBG Mobile has always been on top of it. In this game, players can take the help of custom skin to make their characters different. Although you have to spend UC to buy exclusive skin, there are some ways through which skins can be found without spending money.

Battle Royale Game PUBG Mobile has millions of fans and season-13 of the online multiplayer game has started. 

During the game, the main character’s appearance can be changed from cloths and guns with different skins, but not all skins are free.

Skins help to make the character look different and you have to spend a lot of money to buy much exclusive skin. 

Players have to spend UC to buy the skins in PUBG Mobile and not everyone can afford to buy UC.

There are many ways in the game that you can get gun skin for free without spending a single penny.

Get Free Pubg Mobile Skins through Events

PUBG Mobile consists of many events and in these events, players have to complete one task or target. On completing this task, you get a skin free as a reward. Such events are region-specific and it is considered wrong to hide the location with the help of a VPN to join them.

Get Free Pubg Mobile Skins through Redeem codes

Redeem codes are given by PUBG Mobile during their live streams and on social media for special events, celebrations, holidays, or festivals. Skin can also be found redeeming these codes. However, such codes come for a limited time only and cannot be redeemed after that.

Official Link to Redeem Codes :

Get Free Pubg Mobile Skins through Royal Pass

players get a Royal Pass of the game as they complete the game’s level. For this, they have to increase their RP level. Sometimes one or two such skin is found in the free pass. For example, P92 Toy players receive as soon as they reach RP 50 in the new season.

Get Free Pubg Mobile Skins through Free UC

players can get UC for free with the help of many sites and applications. These can later be used to purchase skins. Such sites and apps include Google Opinion Reward, Prize Rebble, Idol-Empire and Grab Point, etc.

Never Do this to get free skins

on the Internet, you will find many videos that claim to give free skin and for this, the help of apps like UC Generator has to be taken. The use of such tools is not legal and you can be banned from the game.

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