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Putin to be Inaugurated for Fourth term as President of Russia

65-year-old Vladimir will become Russia's President

Three times Russia's President Vladimir Putin is going to take the oath of office on Monday for the fourth time today. He won elections in March. He has been in power for the past 18 years, whether he is in the form of a President or as Prime Minister. Putin's opponents are watching this term as a tsar (emperor).
Protests started against him in Russia before taking the oath. More than 1600 protesters, including their opposition leader, who are campaigning against corruption, were arrested. There are more than 500 arrests just in Moscow.

Thousands of people protested against Putin at Pushkin Square in Moscow. People were protesting against Putin's resignation as president. The protesters were led by anti-corruption campaigner and Putin was opposed by Alexei Navalny.

Protesters put anti-Putin slogans saying that they are unable to meet the expectations of the people of Russia. He Should Resign. Earlier in May 2012, during the third term of Putin, ten thousand people had also performed. Putin is constantly being accused of suppressing the opposition.

Putin on Russia's power for 18 years

In the March elections, Putin won 77% of the votes. Putin has now become the leader of most occupying power in Russia after Joseph Stalin. Navalny presented him a challenge but he was stopped from voting. Navalny's supporters accused him of being expelled from the elections.

Vladimir Putin was elected president in 2000, 2004 and 2012. From 2008-12, Putin was elected prime minister. Putin, who is the dictator of Russia (then the Soviet Union), has become the longest ruling leader after Joseph Stalin. Stalin had been in power for 30 years from 1922 to 1952.

Challenging the economy

Putin's last tenure was in discussion due to military intervention in Syria and Crimea from Ukraine. Releasing Russia's economy is proving to be a big challenge after western countries' sanctions and crude oil prices fall in 2016. At the same time, Putin promised to improve the standard of living of the people before this election.

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