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5 Causes of Rapid Hair Loss in Men | Natural Remedies to Stop Hair Thinning

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Rapid hair loss in men causes, Promote Hair Health With Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies

Common Facts Regarding Rapid Hair Loss in Men 

As a rule, men don’t fear many things when it comes to medical issues that are not life-threatening. That being said, there are two medical issues that many men do have a mortal fear of. These issues are sexual dysfunction and losing their hair!! Honestly, when you think of all the bad things that can go wrong with the human body – it speaks volumes about the insecurities of most guys when it comes to their performance in bed and the way they look!

It’s no secret that many men begin to lose their hair at an early age. In bygone years there was little or nothing that could be done about this but with the advancements in modern technology available today new medications are being created almost daily that claim to help prevent men from losing their hair and in some cases even help to grow it back after it is lost.

Many other issues can develop when a man begins losing his hair. This is especially true if there is a substantial amount of hair loss and some of the most common problems that often develop are those of a psychological or emotional nature. These problems are generally related to how a man feels about himself after suffering from the loss of much of his hair. Generally, the most common issues that develop include the following:

  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Increased stress levels

Although there may be other psychological and emotional problems that may occur as a result of rapid hair loss these are often the most common.

Hair loss is one of those peculiar medical conditions that can be caused by a wide variety of issues. For example, for some men losing their hair is a natural part of the aging process while, for other men, it may be brought on by high levels of stress, other medical conditions, or even by the medications which they take.

For some men, rapid hair loss may be caused by getting, for example, too much vitamin A or taking anti-depressants. Another, more serious cause of hair loss is Chemotherapy. As you can see there are many causes of rapid hair loss and it is not always to know in the beginning exactly what the root cause is.

In some cases, it may take time to determine the exact cause of rapid hair loss.

Unfortunately, the more time that goes by without treatment the worse the condition can become and, for this reason, it is important to seek advice from your health care professional at the first signs of a potential problem so that the cause can be determined as quickly as possible and thus treatment options can be discussed and began.

Regardless of the specific cause of rapid hair loss, it is important to understand that there are ways of treating this condition. In a large number of cases, many of these treatments are quite effective at not only preventing future hair loss but growing new hair as well.

The specific treatment used may be dependent on the exact cause of rapid hair loss as well. In some cases, it may even be something as simple as changing a medication or reducing your levels of stress.

The first step is to ask your doctor for information on preventing rapid hair loss particularly if you think this is something that is or may affect you.

Understanding The Causes Of Rapid Hair Loss

There are many potential causes of rapid hair loss. If this is something that’s affecting you it’s important to understand the cause in order to find the treatment that will be the right one for you. Hair loss for all of us is a daily event.

The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day either while sleeping, or washing or combing your hair. This is perfectly natural. It is only when you find that it is greater than this or you can begin to see your hair thinning, that there is cause for concern.

The good news is that there are a large number of rapid hair loss problems that are actually preventable with an early diagnosis of the problem. For example, it is well known and documented that stress can be a significant cause of rapid hair loss and this can affect us all regardless of age or gender.

Now clearly there are many causes and forms of stress that we all may experience at some time in our lives which in itself is a massive subject. The point to note here is that it can be a significant cause of rapid hair loss.

Rapid hair loss can also be your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong internally. It can be a precursor to other symptoms manifesting themselves in which case, discuss this with your doctor at the earliest opportunity is always advisable.

For example, low iron levels in your body can be an attributing factor for rapid hair loss. This can be specifically prevalent in women so having your iron levels checked should be a consideration if you are suffering rapid hair loss.

Another potential cause of rapid hair loss is what we term “mechanical damage.” Generally, this is something that you do to your hair like the type of hair products you use.

A number of hair products can create an invisible film of your scalp, clogging up your pores which over a period of time can affect your hair’s ability to grow. There are scalp cleansers available to help remedy this problem.

Further, hair braiding and hair weaves or extensions do damage your hair. Continually pulling your hair can, over time, weaken the hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Generally with this, if you catch it early enough, this is easily preventable.

So the first part of the process of tackling the problem of rapid hair loss is to identify the causes of the problem. Very often to jump into treating the symptoms before understanding whether there is an underlying problem.

If in any doubt, seek medical advice – it’s as much about eliminating what isn’t causing the hair loss and ticking it off the list. Rapid hair loss is much easier to deal with once the core problem or cause is understood.

If you understand the problem early, it is much more likely that the remedy for you will be more successful and give lasting results.

How To Identify Your Cause Of Hair Loss

Every year, thousands of people spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatment and products to combat hair loss. If you are noticing recent hair loss yourself, there are many possible causes that may be contributing to your thinning hair.

By reading the simple tips below, you can help rule out some of the common reasons for hair loss, giving you a better idea of what is your cause of hair loss.

Wash all styling products out of your hair before you go to bed. Leaving in products, particularly gels and hair sprays, can be damaging to the scalp and cause it to ‘suffocate’, making it easier for hair to fall out. These products can also irritate the scalp and make it itchy. When you then scratch at your scalp, you risk pulling out hair, thus making your hair loss even worse, and more profound.

You should avoid the grocery store at all costs when it comes to buying shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products for yourself. Products you find at grocery stores may be cheaper, and have all sorts of “certifications”, but in actuality are rarely more than water and some chemicals that will do little for your hair or scalp, and can actually make your hair loss much worse. Look for natural hair products at an organic store, or make your own shampoo and conditioner at home to prevent the harsh chemicals in commercial shampoo.

Avoid tight hairstyles like buns or ponytails, which pull hair by the root away from the scalp. Choose looser hairstyles, particularly ones that fall loosely away from the scalp and are unlikely to be tugged or pulled at.

Do not brush your hair if it is wet. The hair itself is heavier and therefore is more likely to fall out, to begin with. Additionally, though, the brush pulls very hard at the hair and makes it much more likely to be pulled out.

Massage your scalp to encourage hair growth from the roots. Massages stimulate blood flow, which will encourage your scalp to get oxygen and nutrients. These will help you regrow hair, and make your existing hair grow longer, faster. Both of these are important to making your thinning hair appear thicker and more healthy, and can actually help reverse hair loss.

Consider wearing a sun hat outdoors if you will be in a bright or sunny area for a long time. This will prevent sunburn on your scalp. This is important because sunburn can make your scalp itchy and therefore more likely to lose hair. Otherwise, though, try to avoid wearing hats because they can be constrictive and make it harder for your scalp to ‘breathe’.

There may be many reasons for your cause of hair loss. Some are easy to change, requiring slight lifestyle adaptations. If you try to implement the above simple steps, you should find your hair loss is greatly reduced. If not, you know your hair loss is a result of something out of your control.

How To Combat Hair Loss

Millions of people all over the world, both men and women are having to combat hair loss on a daily basis. When you first discover that your hair is beginning to thin, it can be devastating and many people become depressed and assume that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

However, this simply isn’t true and, if you are one of those people who are currently dealing with hair loss, then this article is for you. What follows next is a list of tips and tricks that you can use to help you combat hair loss in even the most extreme cases. While there is no cure, the steps detailed below will reduce the effects, and in some cases, it may even stop them altogether.

  • The first thing you are going to want to do is ditching that bottle of grocery store shampoo that you’ve been using most of your life. The fact of the matter is, these types of shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can actually promote hair loss in people that are experiencing it. Instead, you should opt to purchase a shampoo made of all-natural ingredients. Not only will this keep the harsh chemicals away from you, but natural shampoos typically have an abundance of nutrients that will help your hair remain healthy and grow strong.
  • Many of the people who are experiencing hair loss have longer hair. If you fall into this category there is one important tip that you need to start using right away. You must keep your hair loose, no matter what style you choose to wear it. Hairstyles, such as ponytails and tight braids, are not a good idea because they result in excess stress on your scalp and hair follicles. This can cause your hair follicles to become damaged which results in more rapid hair loss. Be sure and stay away from any hairstyles that are too tight.
  • Most of us brush our hair right after the shower when it is easy to manage. However, this practice should be halted if you are experiencing hair loss. When your hair is wet, it is much heavier. This means that there is more stress pulling on your follicles each time you brush it. For this reason, you should wait for your hair to dry before brushing or combing it.
  • Lastly, it is important that you reduce as much stress from your life as possible. Studies have shown that too much stress can increase the rate at which a person loses their hair. Understandably, hair loss itself is enough to stress you out, but you need to make an active effort to rid yourself of as much stress as possible. Consider taking up meditation, or perhaps you could start a new exercise routine.

As mentioned earlier, hair loss affects millions of people all over the world, both men and women. However, having read the article above, you should now know that you can take steps to fight back and keep that beautiful head of hair. Be sure and implement what you have learned and you are sure to have great looking hair for years to come.

How To Promote Hair Health With Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies

Many people are concerned about hair loss. Perhaps you have a history of hair loss in your family or may even have begun to experience hair loss yourself. For many people, this is a huge cause for concern that occupies much of their life. This brief article outlines some basic and practical solutions to prevent hair loss and to promote natural hair regrowth.

First of all, stay away from grocery store shampoos that contain harsh chemicals because, quite often, these may make hair loss worse. Instead, opt for more natural products that will allow your hair to breathe and grow naturally, without chemical influence.

Your hairstyle is also important as well. Believe it or not. you should make sure that your hair is as loose as possible when you put it in a style that is restrictive, like a ponytail or bun. This prevents the tug and pulls that these styles can cause, which tears hair out and damages the scalp.

Next up, allow your hair to dry fully before brushing it. This is important because otherwise your brush can get caught in the hair and tear it out, which can be damaging to both the scalp and hair.

Avoid smoking. Yep, you read that right! Not only is this beneficial for your health generally, and will keep the smell of smoke out of your clothes (and hair), it also will be helpful in preventing rapid hair loss because it will not react chemically in the body and affect hormone and nutrient levels that stunt hair growth.

Get plenty of vitamin C. This is particularly important in the winter when most people experience vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin C will keep your general health up, and make it more likely for your hair to stay in.

Find ways that will allow you to relieve stress. This can include many things, like a sport, hobby, collection, or other activity that distracts you from the stresses of everyday life. Many people find scalp massages particularly beneficial for stimulating hair growth. These are also very relaxing and may help you to relax, helping you prevent rapid hair loss twofold.

Don’t wear restrictive caps or hats all the time. This prevents your scalp from breathing, which can be detrimental to your hair health, and make it more likely for your hair to come out.

Be careful when drying hair. Use natural methods, like air drying or towel drying. If you use hair straighteners or hair dryers, this can damage the hair by drying it out and making it more brittle. This, in turn, will reduce in greater rapid hair loss.

There are many hair treatments available for people who are experiencing rapid hair loss. Consult with your doctor for treatments, should you think them necessary.

It does not matter if you have already begun to experience rapid hair loss, or if you are simply worrying about it. By following the simple tips above, you can take proactive steps that will help you create a healthy lifestyle for you and your hair. By implementing healthy hair tips into your everyday life, you can ensure your hair health for years to come–maybe even stopping rapid hair loss altogether.

How To Slow Down Hair Loss – Frequently Asked Questions

While we search for the right hair loss treatment, it’s easy to theorize on what causes hair loss and how to slow down the hair loss. With this, there are many misconceptions and what I’d like to do here is put to rest some of the more commonly held one’s.

Cutting or shaving my hair will make it grow back thicker and faster?

The simple answer is no. There are things that your hairstylist may be able to do to make it appear thicker or to camouflage the problem but shaving your head will not affect its rate of growth.

Does blow drying my hair cause hair loss?

No, it doesn’t cause it but go should always be careful when applying direct heat to your hair and scalp. The greater likelihood is that you may damage the hair itself as opposed to increasing the rate of hair loss. Overdoing it and continually pulling the hair is not good as you will ultimately damage the follicles but blow-drying as a cause for hair loss – no

Baldness usually comes from the mother’s side of the family?

Interesting question. The genetic of hair loss is fascinating in that there is no straight forward answer to this. For example, it can sometimes skip a generation but certainly, it’s worth looking at your Dad, Uncles, and Brothers to see what the general trend has been. The maternal genes are slightly more influential but the truth is that it is complex and not as simple as whether there is a greater incidence of baldness on one side of the family or the other.
It is true to say, however, that if there is a history of baldness in the family, the likelihood is that you may also be affected by it.

If you color your hair it will fall out faster?

Certainly, if you are coloring your hair, you are applying chemicals that may be abrasive and damaging to the hair itself. If you are intensively coloring your hair with the like of bleach or peroxide, common sense would suggest that this is not going to have a positive effect on your hair. But the hair follicles are more robust than you may think but choose the product you use carefully and follow the instructions for use to the letter.

Braiding speeds hair loss?

Interesting again and on balance I would say that braiding is not good and should be avoided. With braiding and even tight ponytails, you are putting a real strain on the hair follicles. Prolonged tension is not good for your hair.

In short, the answer is clear. Don’t spend time worrying about what are basically “old wives tales” or listening to this theory or that theory, seek professional advice from your doctor or pharmacist. But also, and this is important, take good care of your health in general.


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